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I see what you did there.

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What's up with the fabric shower liner XD.

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Wuhu! (again)

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I wish game companies sent me worthless trinkets and what not.

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@empire_man: agreed
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I see you jeff. 

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Joey the key meets Mack the Knife.

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Let's go!

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said this before, ill say it again... more office videos!

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"You'll get La'id" Lol

Posted by GUnitVer1

Great video - Can't wait for Wii Sports Resort at the end of the month.

Question though - Do u need four Motion Pluses for a 4 player game?
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Yo bro! let's go!

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how great is that

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Bonus points for Space Harrier ringtone.

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Awesome office stuff right there. Looking forward to some motion plus goodness

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I forgot that game comes out this month.

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lol@ Vinny at the end.

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I wish I got stuff in the mail I didn't have to pay for..

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@Meatsim said:
" Yo bro! let's go! "
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Lol watch that caller be Jeff's mom, and he answers it lol...

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I think the next t-shirt design should be Vinny's cartoon character yelling, "Yo bro, let's go!"

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Free stufff!

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I was waiting for Jeff to say "Yo Vinny, hit me bro..." but Vinny knows what to do.

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That is one kickass ringtone.

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Yo, bro! Let's go! srsly guys. make a t-shirt with that line :d

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Good to know I'm not the only one that opens stuff with my keys.  Don't worry, Jeff.  "They" don't let me have knives anymore either.

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Lame ending joke is still funny. HOW?!

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I smell an upcoming quick look

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@Meatsim said:
" Yo bro! let's go! "
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Yo bro, lets go!    my favorite line ever! lol

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Someone needs to send these scrubs some razor blades or box cutters, so they don't have to use their keys all the time to open boxes.

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Yo Bro! Let's Go!

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But I don't think they could fit Jessica Alba in a shipping box.

Woman is a horrible actress, just watched Fantastic 4 2, yeah, Fantastic Fourty-Two.
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I have that exact same lei....strange....did I get Wii Sports Resort?

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Hahaha great stuff

"I hear ya I hear ya!...... let's go.

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Wii sports resort QL...now... :)

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Getting lei'd in paradise? Awesome.

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Space Harrier ringtone. Sweet!

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I really like these vids.

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I really hope with them getting all these free items from developers and companys it won't effect their reviews. 

I sure looks like dev's and companys are tryin to influance Giant Bomb as much as they can with free stuff.

desu desu....... a concerned GB'er & gamer.