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Posted by dillonj9889

I love gifts and I love the tropics. I think I can get down with this video.

Posted by DeadeyeMcCoy

Get down at the Canadian luau

Posted by mrsmiley



Posted by posh

when jeff said he opened it from the bottom i knew he'd make a drake reference and when he did i started to cry

Posted by HammondofTexas

I'll be that guy, where is the podcast?!?!?!?!?!

Posted by MooseyMcMan

SPAM is tasty, but so bad for you that I stopped eating it years ago.

Posted by crusader8463

Fuck yes! D&D finally coming to GB! I pray Vinny gets involved. I could only dream of the awesome that will come from a mind like Vinnies in D&D.

Posted by Bishop113

Can't wait for GB DnD TNT

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I really hope they film themselves playing DnD

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I just started playing Pathfinder myself, its pretty fun. I hope this means a subscriber video is in the future!

Posted by adoggz

Jeff is going to be crapping out some natural 20's when he eats all those dice. I'd call it a ... critical shit...

Posted by Fistoh

Dude, the GB crew is playing Pathfinder?
My worlds just collided, and the resulting amazingenss will melt my mind.

Posted by Cerberus3Dog

Finally, something these guys will actually consume.

Posted by Nudelwudel


Posted by ZagZagovich

I am a complete novice at d20 games but pathfinder was really fun to get into. We couldn't maintain a campaign for long but it was fun times for everyone involved. Hope you guys find time to run a session or two.

Posted by norcy_blarvest

GiantBomb DnD Podcast. Thats a thing that will exist, right? Right?

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Never played Pathfinder, though I did play some 2nd edition in the past few years that I quite enjoyed. I would like to see what would happen with a giantbomb crew adventure.

Posted by VoshiNova

@jesel said:

I really hope they film themselves playing DnD

Posted by CornBREDX

Brad, you better not be teasing.

Make good on that Table Top RPG! I would watch that! Probably a million times!

Seriously, though, those games can go on so long I wonder how long you guys would actually play. A good short session is at least 3 hours if not more (usually the ones I have sat in on, the shortest were 5 hours).

Posted by darkmagus517

where does one buy a pound of dice and what is the market value?

Btw DiceRings are baller as F***!

Posted by metalsnakezero

I had spam 5 years ago. Never going to eat them again.

Posted by Hamboning

pathfinder is trash

Posted by tsang

Abbotsford? Man I just moved to Richmond, BC...... any local duders want to start playing D&D? I've never played.. I want to. I also want to go to Hawaii

Posted by HerbieBug

Ha! My mom used to live in Abbotsford. It primarily young families and retired people. Nice town. :)

Posted by Darksaw

I cannot wait for some GB Pathfinder content.

Posted by dream431ca

Frozen north? It's 94 F right now!!! LOL

Posted by solus_impar

Shout-out to Abbotsford from Bellingham!

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What is this pathfinder nonsense? I want them to play SECOND EDITION ADND, GET SOME THAC0 UP IN THIS MOTHER!

Actually, fuck that, Jeff was right, they should play Car Wars, or even Paranoia! Im pretty sure Paranoia is a Role-Playing game that even Jeff could get behind due to its batshit crazyness.

Posted by Waffles13

Pathfinder Endurance Run?

Also, Vinny had better be a wizard, or else that'd look fucked up.

Posted by Devil240Z

I fucking love spam. its like ham but it tastes better. great with rice, or eggs for breakfast. great on a sandwich. SPAM IS AWESOME HOES!

Posted by Limiter31

Thursday Night Throwdown: Pathfinder edition?

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I would LOVE a pathfinder live stream!

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My roommates and I are running a game of Pathfinder right now, it's great fun.

EDIT: We got the same "pound of dice bag!

Posted by Stimpack

I want this Pathfinder business to happen so bad.

Posted by dsi1

I cannot wait for Giant Bomb's Game Night

Posted by The_Vein

Hey! They got my Pathfinder box I sent them! I hope y'all play it, I'd love to see Drew, Vinny, and Brad running through some Pathfinder goodness.

Posted by GalacticPunt

Pathfinder livestream with Dungeon Master Rorie could be gold. Vin-Dog and G-Man might have a lot of fun there.

Especially G-Man, eating his lunch alone, so sad and lonely...

Posted by The_Vein
Posted by Disaya

@the_vein said:

Hey! They got my Pathfinder box I sent them! I hope y'all play it, I'd love to see Drew, Vinny, and Brad running through some Pathfinder goodness.

Thanks for sending them Pathfinder, I can't wait to see them play it!

Posted by SatelliteOfLove




Posted by The_Vein

@disaya: Me either! I really hope they do.

Posted by Patman99

As a paying member I demand that every cent of my subscription be put towards funding a tabletop RPG quick look/endurance run. SQUEEEEE!!!!

Posted by Xsnipd

oh shit, they brought out those macadamia nuts (spam). Those are gnarly as fuck when you eat them.

Posted by MrPeabody


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Got to love that Pound O' Dice

Posted by bjorno


Posted by XxDARTHxX

The bag in the pound of dice is a matched set. That way you are guaranteed to get at least one full set.

Posted by Slay3r1583

Tuesday Night Tabletop

They need to make it happen.

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