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So, one year later, what was in the box?

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That bomb looked really nice.

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@brianp: I wouldn't worry, that knife isn't sharp enough to cut butter.

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Everyone's worried about Vinny leaving being the end of giantbomb, when it's clear the end will come when Jeff accidentally stabs himself in the chest opening a box towards himself.

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Thanks Justin, the cookies were delicious and I didn't die and/or get high!

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Mailbags need to be longer. They should set a camera up for a day so people can watch them work.
A Vinny camera? Call it CCV-Closed Circut Vinny.
I trademark CCV. Can I trademark Vinny T.V.? Im giving it away cause Im to lazy to do anything with it.
Someone get on CCV. I own ten percent because you live in my house.
Especially with Vinny leaving something to document his last days in S.F.

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Brad you're a tawdry tease.

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Really nice gesture with baking them cookies, they might look more appetising in some proper wrapping.

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giant bomb mailbag is just not the same without ryan. that giant gummy worm video was the best

anyway mailbag will continue to be fun and exciting

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I always preferred Transform-A-Snacks to Space Raiders, personally.

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I can't believe they eat about anything that's sent in. If it was me any food sent would go straight to the trash, sealed or not. Brad is killing me with the secrets.

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All this secrecy is hurting me!

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Space Raiders! Don't overlook space raiders! So tasty

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I loved seeing Brad's face when he was eating the octopus. :P

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@esdeib said:



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Your crochet work looked fantastic! Great job on the GB logo & "Mom's Best Breakdancer," is hilarious.

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That DayZ knife REALLY looks like a home-made shank, in a "I ground this piece of scrap metal against my metal bed frame until it got all murder-y" sort of way.

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@metal_mills said:

@wrighteous86: Did you two actually meet off here?

True story. I wrote about it in this thread. It's weird being able to go back and see the forum thread we first participated in together, and the photoshop contest I threw that she entered, and see how those threads wove together and started the discussions that lead to our relationship. Also, mutual love of Vinny.

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"I'm big on blowing stuff... up. If you haven't heard." - Brad

Oh, we've heard.

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I'm tempted to send Jeff a real pocket knife. I keep expected that DayZ knife to collapse and cut his hand.

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Man, you guys'll put anything people send you in a box inside your bodies. That's brave.

EDIT: Oh! Pretty sure I had that Tronky stuff the last time I was in Hungary / Eastern Europe.

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I used to have a fear of knives, and it still creeps back a little when I see Jeff cutting towards himself.

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All beef jerky are belts with mild bullshit seasoning.

Space Raiders and Frazzles were included in my after school assault on my body.

And mentioning a box and then refusing to reveal the contents of the box but continuing to acknowledge the box...C'MON BRAD!

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I didnt care what it was, until you wouldnt let me see.

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@funadog said:

Did anybody else notice the copy of Watch_Dogs to the left of Jeff at 1:07 and 4:21 !?

The game is coming out soon. But no, I didn't notice that.

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Can't wait for E3?

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Can't wait for E3?

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Just tell me what's in the E3 box...(That's my best Brad Pitt)

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@wrighteous86: Man I wouldn't be able to live without BBQ Hula Hoops

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I wish those photos depicted me and Drew getting married instead of wrighteous and dusk.

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I guess you have to go to Italy to find out what America taste like.

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That crochet bomb is pretty sweet.

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Not opening those pickled onion Space Raiders? Big mistake!! Taste of the 80s UK.

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Oh man, you guys are the WORST at teasing! Can't wait for E3

Also kudos to the guy who sent the cookies from Mission Viejo! My neck of the woods! It's down in Orange County if you guys were wondering

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I'm guessing the new giantbomb member arrived in a box.

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Man, @brad's laugh is the best.

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Love Mailbag.

What's in the box!

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Love the POV biscuit eating. Sexy!

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@kanerobot: It's less a gimmick, and more a direct quote from the classic film "Beat Street"

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Did not realized how much I missed these Mailbags.