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no video :(
Edit: and I didn't even try XD

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Video isn't working

Posted by AxleBro

where is it!?!?!?!?!!!

Posted by stevemanu

Aww no video!

Posted by zitosilva

They got me.

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Poo poo.

Posted by beeryayghost

Oh no!!! Paid content!!! /kidding

Posted by T0mF5

Why is there no video?

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Vinny is wearing a box on his head.

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Where be the video mates? =\

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popsicles.. that is all

Posted by Teclo

Video RROD'd.

Posted by NickLott

The video was probably scheduled incorrectly and went live before it was supposed to. I blame Kessler for this. 

Posted by Landmine

Such a tease.

Posted by SmokestormX

Guess them 720 peas take a lot of time

Posted by KayinAmoh

Tremendous video. 
Or it will be when it's up, I hope.

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duder. excited.

Posted by Blackmoore

The videolessness of this video is shocking!

Posted by Shard

odd, just got the tweet about this, silly man-animals for  the take-away.
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I don't like this new 0p video.

Posted by heatDrive88

So I says to Mabel I says....
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It's a huge Halo statue! I'm spoiling it already! :D

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@nicklott: Always blame Kessler.
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Do I have to pay for this?

Posted by lordofultima

Man this video looks so good and is full of good content, it's awesome. I like the part where Vinny did the thing with the thing. So good to be a subscriber!

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Ah it's all a lie to get us to buy Reach! :(

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HAHA the bit where the video didnt work was funny as shit man!

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Well, there goes my five bucks down the drain... [End of Sarcasm]

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Uh.. I didn't pay for this but i'm still on this page...
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vidya please

Posted by Marconi88

So is this one of those paid members only video? 

Posted by Hayamo

Best. Mailbag. EVER!

Posted by BeautifulSpaceCowboy

That was amazing. Check out minute 3 at 45 seconds.

Posted by mumbo101

I guess Halo doesn't Reach. ^_^

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@zombienutz said:
" That was amazing. Check out minute 3 at 45 seconds. "
I know right? I know Brad is the king of photobombs, but I never expected him to do something like that.... especially with his penis out.
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I know of a least one other site that is unboxing Halo: Reach so the video probably wasn't linked right. I blame the drunken debauchery.

Posted by ZombieJames

Holy shit, Vinny, I can't believe you said that on camera.

Posted by GreyFox10S

Video dont work for me :(

Posted by Jon93

KESSSSLLLLEEEERRRR...oh wait...Awh, i kinda miss Matty Kesler now. He was fun to blame stuff on.

Posted by ComradeCrash

lol posting without video!