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Hey Dan! Nice Anime T-shirt!

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Dan, you are a monster!!! I can't decide if your childlike wonder at ordinary things and facts, such as the (kilo)calorie being a unit of energy, is endearing or infuriating! Curse you! Please grab a volume of encyclopedias and a dictionary and read each from A to Z. Thank you, sir.

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Jeff stealing Dan's energy drinks is a travesty

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You know how Cold Stone Creamery lets you choose what candy or cookies or sprinkles you want mixed into your ice cream? Aioli is just mayo with mix-ins.

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So instead of casual Friday the office has razor free Thursday? Brad and Jeff looking a bit scraggly there. Good job Bo, I also think they may have missed the joke in the midst of filming stuff.

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Is it creepy if I want to ask if they changed the lightbulbs in the office because I notice that the lighting in this video looks way different than other mailbags?

Or is it just because they filmed this later in the day?

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He won't even try Candy? For fucks sake..

Someone start showing stuff into that mans mouth.

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wouldn't it be weird if Daniel's middle name was Brad? Brad Shoemaker.

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Dan is in a deep denial. Aioli is fancy mayo. Fact, it's right on the jars!!!!

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Jason is a serious dude.

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Is the monitor at Drews cubicle at standing height?

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fucking lol, he just sent him salt. Dan salty as fuck

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I wanna hug Dan Ryckert.

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It's fairly common to show energy in kilojoules (kJ) in nutritional information boxes where the metric system is used. Maybe the UK still uses calories?

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Yo Bo what the hell man? Where's the Toms chocolate at? That coke had my name on it though.

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@danryckert will never live down that egg whites story.

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Yes! New mailbag!

PS: Laserdick is a totally accurate pronunciation of "läskedryck".., or maybe not ;)

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I love the delicious irony of Brad's League of Legends mousepad.

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Dan is such a good addition to the team, I am always amazed at the stuff that comes out of Dan's mouth. The things he hasn't tried...he is Encino Man.

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Haribo is German byi

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@macog said:

Haribo is french.

You mean Korean.

It's German.

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I dunno, aioli sounds like fancy guy mayonnaise.

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Damn, as I fellow dane I really want a Heksehyl right now!

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@danryckert My fiance and I sent the aioli. We thought it was time at 30 to ease you into some new and interesting culinary experiences. Also, we're really hoping for a Feeding Dan Ryckert segment!

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I'm with Dan with the aioli, I'd try those out except for the horse radish one. And best of luck to Dan and Jason on their wrestling adventure to Summerslam! Hope you all enjoy the show.

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There are 2 very distinct types of mayonnaise, and I think when you hear someone likes mayonnaise it tends to be the non-sour variant.

I think in the USA they only sell the sour variant of mayonnaise and that's why most USA citizens dislike it? Well I don't live in the USA so that's an honest question.

If you didn't know that there are two very different types of mayo, then beware that you don't write it off because it's likely that one of the two will make you cringe.

Aioli tastes way different than mayonnaise where I live... More like a garlic sauce? Hmm.

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I live in the USA and I don't really like mayonnaise, certain aioli is fine though.

HOWEVER, when I went on vacation in Europe, the mayo in Belgium and the Netherlands was freaking awesome and tasty. I wish they had that stuff in the states, I think they call it fritesauss (sauce for fries)

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@xin42 said:

@danryckert My fiance and I sent the aioli. We thought it was time at 30 to ease you into some new and interesting culinary experiences. Also, we're really hoping for a Feeding Dan Ryckert segment!

You're welcome Dan! We'd love to see an on-camera taste test of those flavors...

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Dan "Laserdick" Ryckert!

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I love me a chipotle mayo, but I'm also weird in that I don't really drink coffee.

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Brad has a League of Legends mousepad? Ahahahahaha

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@wonderva: Being an Englishman (and huge mayo' fan) who lived in LA for a while and is moving to the Netherlands next week, I am pumped to hear this!

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@jeff I hope you realize you just described the plot of The Matrix when you said "we just need to figure out how to get the energy out of humans and into..... cars and stuff."

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@jeff Kids and grownups love it so, the happy world of haribo. That's like their full ad jingle thing.

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Dan and Jeff are children. Actual children.

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Hurray! New mailbag!

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I want "isn't that a bad guy in Lord of the Rings?" to become a recurring gag.

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Not gonna lie. Kinda disappointed Bo was not from Dallas. Also, Dan is just trolling now with his ignorance to not having Mayo. It was funny at first but now it's just dumb. Someone buy that man a jar of regular mayo and end this madness.

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I saw the wrapped (coke) and immediately thought someone had sent Dan a sub from Denmark.