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nobody can hear you

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@hollitz said:


If you've tried it and don't like it, why force yourself to continue drinking it?

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He called Baby's Day Out a great movie. Well, it's settled then.

Dan Ryckert is histories greatest monster.

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Wait, wait, wait.

@brad has a League of Legends mousepad?

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@jonny_anonymous said:

Is the monitor at Drews cubicle at standing height?


He must really have a beef with sitting down lol

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There's gotta be a deeper meaning to Dan seeing dicks and Sauron everywhere. There's just got to be.

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I feel like Dan doesn't need energy drinks or coffee.

Plus they aren't that great. I have coffee a couple of times a month (basically just whenever I feel like it, I don't keep track) and enjoy it but I easily live without it.

I'm 21 and can count the number of energy drinks I have consumed, which is 4. They all taste the same, and they aren't very good. I'd much rather have a coke. Or water.

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@hassun said:

@danryckert will never live down that egg whites story.

It really shouldn't. I don't think anyone in history has. I could understand if I gave someone an egg who's never even seen one before and said "eat this!" and then that person just munched on it but Dan expected the hard shell to melt like it was chocolate and threw the gooey part away.

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@debonairderriere: He also knew what year "Jingle All The Way" was released on last week's UPF. What a weird guy.

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Barbarians! You have fries with the aioli! Nothing else.

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I like how Dan Ryckert remembers the places that he tried coffee

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I'm glad you guys hired Ryckert, he's the strangest person.

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Dan Ryckert is a national treasure.

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It LITERALLY says mayonnaise on those jars!

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I'm with Dan with the aioli, I'd try those out except for the horse radish one.

That's the only one I really want to try, horse radish is amazing. The only reason people aren't into it is because it's called "horse radish".

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Brad hosting the podcast and Jeff behind the camera for the mailbag?

What is Giantbomb?

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shouts out to Aoli Guy for all the mayonnaise

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Haribo gummi bears are goddamn delicious.

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I wanna hug Dan Ryckert.

Right after you slap the shit out of him, I'm assuming.

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Crunchy mayo, haha!

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At first I despised Dan just because he always talks in absolutes, and wouldn't listen to reason, but now I've started to like him, fuck you Dan.

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Always Standing Scanlon

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I love you Dan.

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Clean the camera lens next time, Jeff

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Wow. Coffee only twice? Well all I can say is that living in California will definitely allow Dan to experience many new things.

Also yes it is Mayo. :(

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Isn't Lynyrd Skynyrd a one-hit wonder band? (Sweet Home Alabama) Does Dan wear this shirt ironically?

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@macog: INCORRECT! Haribo is a German company, with several manufacturing divisions across Europe, with one branch (Part of the Trolli umbrella) located in France. Most of what is imported to America, like the Gold Bear line is in fact produced in Turkey, which explains why the red gummy bears are raspberry, and Strawberry gummy bears are FUCKING GREEN.

What I am saying is that Turkish people are weird. Blanket statement.

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@voodootatum said:

@petrolhead: Is this a troll question?

Nah, the first question was rhetorical, then I just teased Dan with it, that's all. All in good fun.

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I totally get what John Drake was saying. Somebody needs to fucking put a stop to this man before he ends the world.

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Dan is from Kansas City where this isn't uncommon.

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@atomd said:

It's fairly common to show energy in kilojoules (kJ) in nutritional information boxes where the metric system is used. Maybe the UK still uses calories?

In Sweden both are often used.

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Still trying to figure out what to make of Dan. He's just kind of fascinating. Like watching a turtle try to eat a tomato.

I could probably do without him dismissing things that are outside his atypical realm of experience.

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Add to Dan page please: Didn't know plastic bags were recyclable until Jeff told him in August of 2014

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I was going to suggest that Dan maybe think about getting some sort of box-cutter or pocket knife to assist him in the opening of boxes, but now I am having second thoughts. It might not be safe to have a knife wielding Ryckert in the office. Especially not one who opens boxes like a toddler at Christmas (I ♥ you Dan).

@poser said:

Jason is a serious dude.

People who sit at Babs' former desk are obligated to rarely, if ever, acknowledge that video is being filmed and that they are on camera. That's the rules. It is the burden of the desk.

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"Laser Dick" - Dan

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"Soren. Isn't that the bad guy from Lord of the Rings or something?"


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Something about this video made me intensly miss Ryan. He would have had a ton to say and he opened mail with such panache. Not intended as a criticism of Dan.

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@toots said:


Dan is from Kansas City where this isn't uncommon.

I live in Kansas City, and I can confirm that we have an abundance of both coffee and mayonnaise here. This city is pretty irony-deficient, though, so I bet he just likes Skynyrd.

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lol brad with the league of legends mousepad

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@mocbucket62 said:

I'm with Dan with the aioli, I'd try those out except for the horse radish one.

That's the only one I really want to try, horse radish is amazing. The only reason people aren't into it is because it's called "horse radish".

I like horse radish also. It is a slightly acquired taste. But I got to like it almost as a need, with some food items.

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The lack of white balance is making me froth at the mouth. But these are quick and awesome, just like that time under the bleachers.

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I cant imagine Dan on coffee if he really never drinks it. I feel like his head would explode after his second cup