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Posted by nachobandit

Is that full tang?

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@fisk0: It has the final cut, it has all the versions and the workprint on that set. I kept buying HD DVDs for way too long lol

Posted by Dethfish

Worst part about a mailbag video is looking at Jeff's already messy desk become even more of a mess. It drives me crazy.

Posted by HassaniSabbah

If there isn't an office knife-throwing competition on the UPF after PAX, I'm cancelling my subscription.

Posted by andrew2696

@foomanfat: Now you know how any Canadian feels whenever Canada is mentioned.

Seriously we get way too excited sometimes.

Posted by Ronald

I would say keep the folding knife at the desk for opening packages up, if Jeff can ever figure out how to close it. Also, this reminds me that I need a knife. (I have plenty of swords, but Giant Bomb will never be receiving those.)

Also, I got a PS3 and went Blu-Ray. Someone I know got a 360 and bought the HD-DVD drive and kept saying that HD-DVD was the future and it was going to win. Back then I followed the war pretty closely and was huge into collecting movies, reading The Digital Bits every day. Now, I realize it didn't matter because I'm pretty much buying everything digitally.

Posted by Fuzzy_Dunlop

Unnamed knife dude, you are awesome.

...I kinda want to know what's going on on those bootleg porn DVDs.

Posted by MooseyMcMan

Absolutely perfect timing with the knives. EVEN BETTER IF THEY'RE POLICE EVIDENCE KNIVES.

Posted by BlaineBlaine

Seems like a tight intersection between "Pog Art" and "Kife Art". Snakes, scorpions, dragons...

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If anyone has a link to the knife with the polar bears on it I would appreciate it cause holy shit man

Posted by GeneralBison

R.I.P. DayZ Credit Card Knife

Posted by GeneralBison

Downloading this before it gets removed 0_0

How fucking illegal is this?

Posted by GValo

I won the HDDVD drive and a bunch of movies from IGN. I should send mine in as well... I believe I have Heroes Season 1 on HDDVD

Posted by RonGalaxy

Im pretty sure someone just sent you guys their collection of murder weapons.

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I have the Scorpion II in a drawer right now. Fun fact: if you unscrew the tip of the handle it has ANOTHER KNIFE INSIDE. (I was a dumb 13 year old)

Posted by ThunderSlash

Pogs and porn, what more do you need?

Posted by Fallen189

Who sends a box of fucking knives to a place called GIANT BOMB. Your demographic is "The Unabomber"

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Reminds me of something: there was (might still be) a shitty mall in Bismarck, ND, called the Gateway or something similar. There was a dude who set up shop outside the pharmacy and had a big collection of cassette tapes, 8-tracks, and a host of gimmicky looking knives like the mailbag ones that he was selling. A buddy of mine once saw a dude walking around the mall with a hacksaw. Just minding his own business, walking around, holding a hacksaw.

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So now the office is full of booze and knives. What could possibly go wrong.

Posted by OKJT

Now we need to see a rival baseball bat mailbag.

Posted by Demoskinos

Porn and Knives this is a mailbag I can get into.

Posted by AMyggen

Pogs and porn, what more do you need?

Knives, apparently.

Posted by NoneSun

Bad publicity for DayZ.

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I live like 30 minutes away from West Columbia, and I can confirm that I've seen people wearing those exact t-shirts more than once. Unironically.

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Posted by mayooms

more of these videos! it's like Christmas, but it's not. :/

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Red gems? You want green gems on your daggers fool. Dex.

Also, I give it 3 days till someone gets jabbed in the foot from a dropped knife.

Posted by CaliforniaPants

polar bear knife is excellent

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That's a lot of knives!

Posted by cooljammer00

I can't believe it took this long for someone to mail literal contraband to the GB offices. Knives, porn, t-shirts from the police.

Posted by TonyBlue87

The look! And sound! of... PERECT!

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Nice shirts. What gang is this from?

I will say the knives I saw till when I stopped watching are orders better than that plastic handled knife. Lucky Jeff didn't cut himself. The Sheffield I bought at HD could be used for slicing flesh. But with the locking blade I found it perfect and safe for work, and yes boxes.

Yay for legalization.

Posted by ArcadiaExeter

This video encapsulates exactly why i love GB over all other game websites.


Also, I been waiting forever for that day Z knife to break. i cant belive it made it this long. and the fact that it broke on a box FILLED WITH KNIVES makes it's death that much more poetic. RIP DAY Z KNIFE.

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Totally envious of that bitchin HD-DVD collection.

Posted by Twisted

Of all the days for that shitty little plastic knife to break, it seems to have chosen the exact right moment to die.

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I'm looking forward to the follow up video where Dan slices a finger off cutting boxes with the Dragon Fang.

Posted by Baillie

Oh god, watching Jeff try to close that flip knife gave me anxiety.

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Knife Look EX Quick Look Endurance Run is go.

Posted by Paindamnation

@dethfish said:

Worst part about a mailbag video is looking at Jeff's already messy desk become even more of a mess. It drives me crazy.

I think you have OCD.

Posted by Bunny_Fire

Sharping the knives while hatching DVD's lol

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Please use that bowie knife to open any further boxes.

Everyone knows Canadians hold a deep love for hd dvds.

Brad needs to stop using an iPhone for these.

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Posted by foeaminute

This whole mailbag filled me with dread that Jeff was going to stab himself.

Posted by Ford_Dent


RIP Day Z knife

Posted by MaxxS

Ew, President's Choice. Why that of all the brands here.

President's Choice is all right, man.

Posted by Corasaur

Guys, I think it says Bat Pussy on one of those DVDs.

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"You can take your Leatherman home because we have all these fucking daggers" -Jeff

Posted by Lausebub

I am so happy they got my mailbag! The HD-DVDs are no longer staring at me taunting me for my mistakes!

Your mailbag was fucking awesome. As was the one with all the knives, but yours had a Constantine HD-DVD.

I would totally pay money to get a package with a bunch of random stuff in it. I feel like Amazon is missing out.

Posted by Kananon

Love the Saskatchewan representation, all that was missing was a bunnyhug.

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Okay...where's the '@Jeff Throwing Up Gang Signs' GIF?