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quack quack?

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yay mail!

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Brad enraptured and tempted by Viva Piñata. He's such a fudgehog hog.

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Get all up in that Viva Pinata poster!

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I have zero feelings towards Lords of Shadow 2 but I love Vinny's childlike excitement for it. It's adorable.

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I read that Metal Gear book back when I was a kid!

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Worlds of Power would be perfect UPF material. Especially the Mega Man one.

Also, Brad's behavior around anything related to Viva Pinata is adorable.

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Man there had better be some FMVInny tonight.

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That was great. Can't wait to see Reelect JFK today.

Keep Makin' Sawdust, guys.

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Just ask Horstachio out already, jeez Brad.

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Keep making sawdust!

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Beyond Castle Wolfenstein got it on with Airwolf and had a kid.

And this kid's name was...


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I still have a copy of Releect JFK for the Mac, and every 6 months get a bug up my ass about tracking down a machine that can play it and then never do! I'm super-pumped for UPF now.

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That is an appropriate shirt to wear for someone with the title "The Most Trusted Name in Finishing."

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Book Look!

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Hey, I own a copy of Infiltrator. I should send it to these guys, I hate that fucking game anyways.

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I want that Metal Gear book.

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Brad's out of control with the Fudgehog upskirts.

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This was a one hell of a good mailbag.

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Book look!

There were two fudgehogs on the grassy knoll.

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I read those Metal Gear and Castlevania books in elementary school. In other words, I'm a really cool dude.

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Mailbags haven't been this good since...

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The Ninja Gaiden book is missing, too bad. Was definitely the best Worlds of Power book. I guess it shouldn't be surprising that of those games, Ninja Gaiden translated the best to an actual book. Maybe if I find mine I'll send it in (still has the trading card!)

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Oh wow. I remember buying Reelect JFK back when it came out in '95. was wondering if Vinny would ever play it on UF. Time to watch. :)

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@siroptimusprime said:

I read those Metal Gear and Castlevania books in elementary school. In other words, I'm a really cool dude.

coolest around my man *low five*

In my version I did multiple book reports on Resident Evil novelizations.

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Recycle, reduce, reuse and something something!

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Quick Book

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I played the shit out of Reelect JFK! It would've been a great game if it wasn't completely fucking broken and full of bugs. The 16-year-old version of me from 1995 could never understand why the 1964 American public was so upset that I was being nice to black people. I literally couldn't conceive of a world where that was controversial.

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It's just a cold sore, don't worry.

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Glad you guys enjoyed the stuff I sent over. Brad, I expect a book report on the magazine on my desk by Monday.

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Oh god, I had some of those novelizations. The Castlevania II one was completely ridiculous on the Captain N level.

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I'm still waiting for a QL of the Softkey presentation software : /

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Did they shoot this video with a camera they made out of Jeff's empty energy drink cans? Good god does it look horrible.

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I can't imagine what a novelization of Mega Man reads like.

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There are few things I want more than a Giant Bookcast...

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man, that woodworking dvd. DO WANT.

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I read those Worlds of Power books by FX Nine when I was a kid. I'm sure I've still got them lying around somewhere. The Simon's Quest one was the best one. Metal Gear and Blaster Master were also pretty good.

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@heavyplay: Simon's Quest was definitely the best. Closely followed by Blaster Master (which is actually either canon or is near identical to the accepted story for Blaster Master and uitilized in all of the sequels) and Mega Man 2

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I would actually read a novelization of Metal Gear.

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The end--yep, there goes my soul.

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@zilch321: I think it was Brads iPhone so pretty much yeah.

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@brad These need to be labelled as some kind of Edition!!! Otherwise, why even try?

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