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I activated one of the shadowrun keys.

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That box never knew what hit it.

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Combat Skills

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Hey, I got a free copy of Shadowrun for watching this video! Thanks Brad!

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Codes are gone! Also, that Aggies merch is the best.

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codes be all used up

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this is either a bag of crap or a bag of treasure

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Brad loves prints! Clever boy...

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BRAD that was NOT an energy strip, it was LSD!

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Oh my god Harvester is amazing

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@jasius said:

BRAD that was NOT an energy strip, it was LCD!

That's a tiny LCD....

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Woah you got Harvester! That's fantastic!

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@nights said:

@jasius said:

BRAD that was NOT an energy strip, it was LCD!

That's a tiny LCD....

LOL yea.

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best ending to anything

fuck punctuation too excited

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For anyone unfamiliar with Edward Hopper's 'Nighthawks', that's the original. Inspired decision to paint the crew into it.

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Oh man... I so want to see Vinny play Harvester.

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If the guy who sent that package doesn't frequent /v/ then I'm the pope.

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Did this guy raid a TJ Maxx that was going out of business in 2004?

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That looks like it was sent by an insane person. And I mean that quite literally, like some whose brain doesn't work right.

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great pun at the end drew!

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That end is the best part. Just perfect.

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Folklore is a pretty good game if I remember correctly. Need to revisit it.

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That end is the best part. Just perfect.

I was thinking the same exact thing. Haha. So awkward.

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Drew doesn't flinch

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OutNumbered! is great.

Also that Nighthawks picture is incredible.

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"Swallow it!"

-Brad Shoemaker

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This might be my favorite mailbag yet, 5 years later and I'm still amused by the stuff people send in. That end, too. I wish I could keep a straight face like Drew can.

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That is some art ass art right there. Amazing piece.

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This video just proves how god tier drew truly is. DON'T YOU DENY IT! DON'T. YOU. DENY. IT!

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Amazing art, would love a scan of that

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Might be the best mail bag to date.

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oh jesus Harvester is terrible

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That shot of Drew at the end... perfect.

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Damn that picture makes me tearfully happy.

Great work!

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Wait, Shadow President had a sequel!? PLAY THAT SHIT MANG.

Unleash the entirety of America's nuclear arsenal on Israel.

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This is why I never sent a mailbag to GB. How could I possibly compete with this amazing escalation for mailbags?

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@drewbert That pun was perfection, btw. PERFECTION. Also, dude you don't blink often.

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I came here to say that I have a strange affection for Harvester. If there's any game that deserves a *whisper* Endurance Run *whisper* it's something as bananas as that game.

But holy shit that pun.

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Hard Boiled is an excellent movie.

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Oh goddamnit that was the best ending to anything, ever.

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Oh gahd... Drew... that ending... I'm in tears...

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Possibly the greatest Mailbag of all time.

And that ending...

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Good vibes all around in this mailbag. Makes me smile. It also makes me want a Coke Zero for some reason...

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I think this is the best mailbag video ever.

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www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8Jj55wNf3g this is the YouTube video on the box.

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I can't be the only one that burst into applause at the end

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Underhand grip is preferred knife fighting hand position. Stabby being the goal, as opposed to slicey. :)

(i have just spent 10 minutes reading a rundown of various knife grips as demonstrated by a guy who has a lot of suspicious scars on his fingers) :D

edit--- Alone in the Dark. I have seen multiple copies of that game in every discount clearance bin I've sifted through. Curiously, Child of Eden has recently become a discount bin staple as well.