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Posted by big_jon

Bad marketing. That is simply gross.
Posted by Nonentity

I wonder what the requirements for shipping meat in the mail are. Do they have to check or grade the meat?

Posted by kishan6

SOOO much mailbaglately

Posted by teekomeeko

Hey Bulletstorm, thanks for reminding me that you are a game I will avoid like the plague.
'Preciate it.

Posted by borgmaster
@Icil said:
" Dude, if I got ground meat that had dog tags with my fuckin name on it, I'd call that a threat to my life. "
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I love that the video is 12:26 minutes long and the box says " 226" all over it :3

Posted by Jambones

Poor Jeff :-(

Posted by lesenfantterrible

never seen a video where Jeff says fuck so much!! deck Cliffy B when you see him at E3 Jeff!!

Posted by I_smell

People Can Fly, I love you

Posted by Greenlight13

Someone is going to look in that dumpster, see meat and bullets and call the police haha

Posted by stephengotlost

Hey while they're at it, why not throw in some maggots and larvae, ugh.

Posted by jakob187

Jeff droppin' a ton of F bombs!!!

Posted by Dpower94

That sure is a nice knife Jeff, but is it a COP KNIFE?

Posted by glitznglam_style

"I don't want to fucking open this." - Jeff 
Awesome, lol.
Posted by Diamond

No mailbags forever then suddenly MAILBAGS!
I like it.

Posted by SatelliteOfLove

Michael Jai White == Sold

Posted by Lambert

Instead of wasting money on these stupid publicity stunts like this, maybe publishers can lower the price of their overpriced games.

Posted by EasyPeasey

these videos are awesome. hearing the GB crew spit game on MK for 10 minutes reminds me of the good ol' days.

Posted by Blitzer
@Greenlight13 said:
" Someone is going to look in that dumpster, see meat and bullets and call the police haha "
I was thinking the same thing. Someone is going to be like WTF!?!?!
Posted by lokilaufey

I love how much Jeff swears when presented with raw meat. I can only imagine what he'd be like in a meat department.

Posted by CashBailey

Some marketing goon probably got a promotion and a raise for coming up wiith that.

Posted by btman
@Vito_Raliffe said:
" Really liking all of these mailbags lately! "
I concur.
Posted by Zatoichi_Sanjuro

Jesus Christ, Jeff, cut away from your body. Towards Ryan's body.

Posted by ch3burashka

The "fuck" density of this video is second only to the Rogue Warrior Quick Look.

Posted by Undeadpool

Jeff does not seem thrilled...

Posted by The_Hiro_Abides

Bulletstorm: remember the meat!

Posted by UberExplodey

Brad certainly seemed eager to grill that shit.

Posted by bigcess

Nice. Already MK Johnny Cage as his desktop.

Posted by aihuman

Razor blade is  a good tool to open a box.

Posted by bucky

What about the possibility of a game/movie in the vein of Street Fighter game/movie combo?

Posted by cwdawg1224

One of my favorite parts of these mailbag videos is getting to see all the crap on everyone's desk.

Posted by Yzzerdd

CSI:Giant Bomb

Posted by TomA
@cwdawg1224 said:
" One of my favorite parts of these mailbag videos is getting to see all the crap on everyone's desk. "
Same, it just makes me wanna work in New Media Journalism that much more. All the tech lying around, computers everywhere, all the funny nostalgia stuff, that's my type of office:)
Posted by RobotHamster

More mailbags!

Posted by Computerplayer1

Jeff tears the box up, son.

Posted by Leadcat

I would hate to get something like that in the mail. >_> 
Loved the MK discussion at the end!

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lmao awesome vid. Also great discussion, can't wait for bombcast.

Posted by SinGulaR

Is it just my imagination or does Jeff really seem more calm and balanced than usual? If so... keep up what you're doing Jeff, it suits you well :)
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This is the greatest way to market a game I've ever seen. Seriously.  
Edit: I was talking about the BulletStorm meat. I commented half way through the video.

Posted by milhous

"Thanks, Bulletstorm, for...some bad meat."
(softly) "Fuck."
I kept from laughing all the way up until that final, resigned Jeff-bomb.

Posted by yukoasho

OK seriously, that shit was NASTY.  Absolutely horrible.  Seriously, sending meat in a promotional product like that?  Ugh.... Nas-tay.

Posted by mystakin

Do any other mediums send out promo packages like this?  Seems like a weird quark of the gaming industry that doesn't really appear to be all that... iono... useful.

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jeff was fuckin saying 'fuck' all the time

Posted by crushed

Apparently the meat also has a (fake) tooth in it, but they never found it.
That'll make the inevitable hobo discovery even more horrifying, when they find ground up rancid meat, bullet casings, and a human tooth embedded in it.

Posted by okuzy

id love for it to be a movie

Posted by Hyuzen

jeffs swearing up a storm today

Posted by eccentrix

Jeff's so angry about the awesome custom dogtags.

Posted by UncleBenny

I enjoy how Jeff is spraying crazy meat into that evaporator.

Posted by TheLawnWrangler
@andrewng30 said:
" cannot be a trailer for a movie, they would not show a decapitated body in a trailer "
red bands, son. red bands.
Posted by TomA

How fucking stupid are those devs? Who the fuck wants raw meat in the fucking mail!