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Posted By Zalasta

I too am pretty disgusted by that press kit, such a waste when 90% of the "packaging" just went straight to the trash.  I don't care how good the game might be, my money won't go to a studio that would waste resources on a stupid publicity stunt.

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Posted By Carlos1408

10/10 for effort and creativity lol. Meat, quite fun. Super unpractical though. I don't think anyone is crazy enough about the game yet to appreciate going through that hassle.

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Posted By AssassinOfSouls

Dumbest idea i've ever seen thats just gross

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Posted By TheChaos

Havin' a bad day there Jeff?

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Posted By spartan1017

who thought that sending meat to journalists as a pr promo was a good idea?

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Posted By drtybstrd

 Mailbag is the best show on this site TBH.

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Posted By CyleMoore

that is just fucking nasty.

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Posted By Haze

That has to be the stupidest damn press kit I have ever seen in my life. Who came up with it, the Dantes Inferno PR team!

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Posted By Lydian_Sel

Ew man. Video game companies have the weirdest press kits ever.

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Posted By SuperSambo

Note to self: Never send Jeff bad meat.

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Posted By Rodiard

WTF man, gross.

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Posted By JBrighty

rofl awesome! creepy mail indeed, i love jeffs reaction.

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Posted By Tordah

That was pretty nasty. Doesn't change my excitement for the game though!

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Posted By Capum15

That was pretty a interesting idea.
Though I would've kept the casings.

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Posted By Izaak

Marketing is constantly getting grosser. 

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Posted By Innovacious

Been a while since there have been mail bag videos, then they all come at once. Thats a good thing, btw.

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Posted By Nux

Note to developers never send jeff meat.
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Posted By fwylo

Jeff looks like he's losing weight.

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Edited By gbrading

"I'm so bad at opening boxes." You evidently need Dr. Freeman's help. Him and his friend the crowbar. 
In the future, it will be mandatory to send all marketing information packed into ground meat. Seriously, whoever was in the viral marketing office that day didn't have their head on properly.
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Posted By atomic_dumpling
@Izaak said:
" Marketing is constantly getting grosser.  "
The games, too, so it's only logical.
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Posted By slyely

I thought that was pretty good. Ground Jeff. No matter if people like it or not, it caught some attention. Just hope the after-party does not try to serve the guests pieces of meat named after each guest...or maybe they should. lol

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Posted By wwfundertaker

Was that really real meat? 

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Posted By IronScimitar

A dev sends me a box filled w/ rank meat w/ some bs shell casings in it, best believe im  visiting their booth at E3.  Im tossing that foul meat back at them. What a waste. 

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Posted By lightsoda

How come there's so many mailbag vids all of a sudden?

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Posted By DukeTogo

Press kits are becoming more and more infuriating.  Between really cool stuff that people would want and is almost impossible for them to get, and really stupid stuff like this, it just seems like pandering and borderline bribery.  Realize that those stupid meat packs were sent out to dozens of press outlets.
The MK thing turned out to be a pitch for a movie according to Jeri Ryan, not official, just a well-produced vignette with some favors from actors and some old sets.  You'd be surprised how much you can get away with from knowing some people with access to current productions, letting you piggyback your own stuff on a set for another project.  Those helicopters were CG btw, pretty common practice nowadays.

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Posted By chapman12

no offense giant bomb i love this website and you guys but you get free stuff in the mail and always seem pissy and tired of it and i know this mailbag was gross but cmon its FREE
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Posted By MachoFantastico

While I want that press kit to seem awesome, I actually think it's a pretty awful thing to send out to the press. 

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Posted By Zimbo

hmmm, better hope no one looks in the trash if they are going to find meat and bullet casings in it. :P

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Posted By dudeglove

Dude, meat? WTF?
Actually, wait, I remember getting emails ending up in my spam advertising Texas T-bone steak through the mail. No seriously.

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Posted By atomic_dumpling

For GTA 5 rockstar will send them some meth and a hooker.

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Posted By Godlyawesomeguy
@fwylo said:
" Jeff looks like he's losing weight. "
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Posted By the_crowd

I love how you guys do not pay any further attention to Bulletstorm and talk about MK. :-D

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Posted By JackiJinx

I was just seeing Jeff dig his hands into the meat and thought, "Why isn't he getting Matt to do this?" Glad the thought eventually came.

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Posted By McDayman

So are we to think they shipped Jeff a package of his own meaty remains?  Also he was in the army?

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Posted By PhanThomas

Looks like the Bulletstorm guys saw this videos also ^^

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Posted By CastroCasper

That's a pretty fucked up intern job.

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Posted By Tiago

Finger licking good.

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Posted By NarcolepticBat

leathermen unite

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Posted By Globox82

 ORIGINAL my ass! They took things from other games, like Mirrors Edge, etc. Still cool game

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Posted By turtlespenguins

should've saved the meat and thrown it at their booth

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Posted By Ahoydizzle

I wish i worked for Giantbomb. Those offices look like a pretty cool place to work.

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Posted By eduardo

What a terrible marketing campaign...

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Posted By darkjester74

That is disgusting.  That game deserves to have its score docked as a lesson.  Ugh.

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Posted By Noccee

Goddamn awsome!

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Posted By drakesfortune

Razor blade.  That's how you open a box.  Pushing is also a bad, and dangerous way to do it. 

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Posted By KillerKahuna

You guys it's a pitch for Warner Brothers to make a real movie isn't it ? They better make it :D

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Posted By Stargate174

Just heard about that Mortal kombat mini movie thing. I will have to go check it out looks neat:P

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LOL a fucking Saw puzzle!

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Posted By Max_Hydrogen

USB key in meat: Great idea on paper...

Man, I miss the old Bombquaters.