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I love the Giantbomb Mailbags - true story.

EDIT: Titan dog collar ! YES! Moar Titan! 

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Bathroom audio rocks :)

Posted by JesseG

Awesome as usual guys.

Posted by Baggykins

The only solution i know for the problem is a big hammer... but depends if you want to keep the camera...

Posted by TimeWaffle

Titan get

Posted by nickyvegas

Sounds like they are on an airplane!

Posted by Metal_Mills

Titan's awesome. Not sure if he likes the collar too much though. :P

Posted by LaszloKovacs

I am glad to see Titan get the attention he so clearly deserves.

Posted by CandleLightCat

Titan <33

Posted by Pie

Awesome dog guy's. Also is it the same ryan from before?

Posted by KingOfIceland

That dog collar looks awesome on Titan.

Posted by Renegade

Titan get!

Posted by JoelTGM

awesome dog collar!

Posted by CL60

I enjoy these.

Posted by Sharpshooter

You guys get some cool stuff in the mail.

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@KingOfIceland said:

"That dog collar looks awesome on Titan."


Yes it does.
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Titan is awesome.

Posted by Death_Unicorn

Titan should be part of the official staff.

Posted by Krenor

From now on all videos in giantbomb should require MORE TITAN

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We did the best we could with the collar, but I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to make a bomb shape with iron-ons. We settled on the little "x" thing, it invokes the spark imagery close enough.

I wanted to do something clever with a dog tag too, but that didn't quite come to fruition. And that's about all we got, so don't worry, no more insane packages from us anymore. Although, I really do like the look on the postal workers face when I print a label that says "Giant Bomb" on it. :P

Posted by panda21

awwwwww doggy!!! he's so cute

Posted by spaded

titan ftw :D everyone loves him :D

Posted by Death_Burnout

i enjoyed the scrolling ticker at the bottom more than anything else...

And people, stop sending in stuff! you make everyone else...well...me, feel completely lazy and undeserving.

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My bet is that Ryan put a finger on the mike. Awesome video nevertheless.

And dogs are awesome. Clearly superior to cats.
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Titan for president of the bomb shelter! His new collar is snazzy as hell.

Posted by MjHealy

I still don't get when Titan first showed up. It was like "y'know Titan, the dog" but I never really saw it before (except in the other drink cosy video) but when did the dog first show up?

Posted by HeavyMental

so many ryan sending you mail ...

Posted by coffeesash

'Squeezy man' is from Little King's Story :)

Posted by Pkshields

Luchadeer is going to get pissed with all the Titan love in the comments here.

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Tell Dave and them I'm gonna steal Titan. Just sayin'

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Awww, titan looks so cute in that collar!

Posted by BD_Mr_Bubbles

Awesome Titan collar.

Posted by Vampire_Chibi

Cute Dog  =P

Posted by MeatSim

Props for the Giant Bomb collar for Titan that's real nice. 

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@Chewii101 said:
And dogs are awesome. Clearly superior to cats.
No, sorry. Cats are God's representative of the animal kingdom here on earth.

The Egyptians realised this thousands of years ago. And feline kind has been reduced to waiting for us to learn it since.
Posted by JackiJinx

That is one awesome Titan collar.

Posted by SaucySala

Is Titan the office dog? Or is he someone's for real dog?

Posted by buzz_killington

Wait a minute, Sean and Andy don't deserve bottle koozies!

Posted by FLStyle

Titan Vs Luchadeer

Round 1...

Posted by Phantom_Crash

I agree, More Titan, we must have him in all videos her on GB.

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I keep hearing TweetDeck alert sound in pretty much all open mic in the office giantbomb videos. In this video, you can hear it at 03:24. It's present AT LEAST in the last 4 persona videos and it's driving me insane! :D

. I tweeted it to Jeff, but then i remembered that he probably receives a billion tweets a day and don't prolly read them all, so i'm posting it here aswell.

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Lololol. Loved the scrolling text made to be exactly the right length - nice work Ryan.

Posted by Aarny91

Titan needs his own account on this website. Titan's awesome :)

Posted by phlegms

You could see so much of Jeff's thigh in that video.....talk about Uber Hawt.

Posted by NoDeath

The TweetDeck updates in the background kept faking me out! Great vid though, MORE TITAN is needed

Posted by sgjackson

Titan is a kickass name for a dog.

Posted by InFamous91

Giant Bomb has one of the greatest fan base ever