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I had something like Havgull when I went to Iceland a few years ago, that shit is the best.

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God I love mailbag videos

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Every time Dan shows up I love him more and more, dudes the best!

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That's a pretty good sausage pun. The BBQ place in my home town had a good one too. "Where a waist is a terrible thing to mind."

Also, Jeff I've been told your knife is somewhere under the last 4 mailbags.

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I actually know the store where the beef Jerky came from. Hubby used to drive by it on his way to work years ago when we lived in that part of GA. That's pretty cool!

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Don't worry @brad, I laughed at your Street Fighter joke!

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Dat fish tho... Øhrg.

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I think Jeff just walks around the office with that knife out all the time, and during quick looks he points it meaningfully at the others to motivate them.

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@sbaitso said:

Dan is an endless supplier of baffling but endearing questions. "What is a haddock?" is not something I ever expected to hear from a grown person, but it's sort of charming at the same time.

This. Also, I haven't had a huge deal of experience with salty candy varieties, but I do enjoy chocolate pretzels, which is basically a salt/chocolate combo, so I'd imagine I'd enjoy quite a few of the things going around. It's all about the balance.

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Jeff reading stuff in Norwegian cracked me up, this video kinda made me want to send you guys some stuff. They also have 1,5 liter bottles of Urge here, so i guess that might be popular with you guys?

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@defcomm said:

Jeff always seemed more of a Something Awful kind of guy.

Hang on, I thought most of the worst trolls came from Something Awful? What with GB's anti troll message lately (which I heartily agree with) I'm surprised to see him on there.

What makes you think the worst trolls come from SA?

Have you ever seen GBS or FYAD? Regulars there might not be the absolute worst trolls, but they make a considerable effort.

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Boneless? Go get yourself a fucking happy meal with chicken nuggets, you babies.

Posted by Nyhus

He's not lying about the Norwegian milk chocolate. Probably the most delicious shit out there, period!

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Dan's posture hurts to look at!

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I want that lamp but it's sold out.

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Brad was right, "Dan tries different foods" should totally be a new premium feature.

He's way with food fascinates me.

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@decko5 said:

Boneless? Go get yourself a fucking happy meal with chicken nuggets, you babies.

Posted by Rigas

@pimblycharles: I'm sure Brad has, and Possibly Dan with his crazy food adventures. Drew probably hunts his own and makes Jerky on the weekend in North Korea.

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Man, that Drew is a handsome SOB.

Posted by GregoryGold

"What is Haddock"


Posted by Accolade

Mmmm (S)urge

Posted by Chicken008

Clean your desk Jeff, there are probably 20 knives in that mess.

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Great Mailbag. Urge (Surge?) is still going strong here in Norway. One of the first Facebook petitions that got big over here (in '07 or '08 I think) was about trying to get 1,5l Urge bottles back in stores. It worked, they still sell it everywhere here (it's my favourite soda, actually!).

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Don't trust them §

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Team bone-in here to represent!

Posted by MeatSim

Jeff is clearly going to do a heel turn and try to usurp Dan as leader of #TeamBoneless.

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Poor Drew... :D

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Audio super quiet for anyone else?

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I tired beef jerky when I was in the US once.

I was probably one of the most disgusting things I've ever tasted.

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Jason is slightly awkward...

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@widmer said:

Hey Jeff,

where's the beef?

@drewbert has become my favorite duder. The dry humor and sly one-liners are fantastic.

Right! He has amazing comedic timing... and knows how to make flying planes and trains entertaining

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@widmer said:

Hey Jeff,

where's the beef?

@drewbert has become my favorite duder. The dry humor and sly one-liners are fantastic.

Right! He has amazing comedic timing... and knows how to make flying planes and trains entertaining

At the same time when his one liners and puns are groan inducing, they bring the conversation to a halt, which is hilarious in its own way :)

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After watching the first 30 seconds of this video... I definitely got into the wrong career field... :-(

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I actually live relatively close to Cordele. Gonna have to make a stop by that general store if I ever pass through.

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Dan Ryckert looks like a skinny Wolverine with glasses and a sensible haircut

thats such a odd sentence with random words that should not fit together. and yet it does

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@uninvincible: Haddock is an Atlantic Ocean fish, so not something you'd pull out of a lake in Minnesota.

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Here's the site for the jerky the guys were eating. They ship stuff in the continental US.


Too bad I'm in Canada. :(

EDIT: Somebody already posted this. Oops!

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What game are Dan and Drew playing?

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It's weird as hell to me to send stuff in, but people make the effort and spend the money, presumably just to see you open it up on the mailbag section. I think you guys could be a little more involved with these mailbag video spots, e.g. everyone actually tries something in there and/or give a proper shout out to the people who send it in, i dunno, something?

Like, IS that the best chocolate in the world? you could at least try a bit and let me know >_>

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Kill it with Fire

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Laughed so hard at this,I think you should do a "Jeff reads norwegian wrapping-segement" next unpro Friday..also,the fish thing,it's in every grocery all over the country xD

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Are these mailbag videos being shot on an iphone camera nowadays? That was hard to watch.

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@icyeyes said:

@willboweird: Thanks!

I've had Deer jerky before and it was excellent, but what exactly does Brad mean by "not all jerky is cooked"?! Jerky is meat that has been cured through drying (with low heat). Jerky is never "raw", if that's what he means.

He means that not all jerky is cooked. I made some really good jerky with a box fan at room temperature. Either way, you can eat beef raw, like in steak tartare or carpaccio, it's delicious.

Posted by nickhead