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Posted by MisterBogus

What was the Brand of that beef jerky? Can i order some online?

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Awesome to finally se a Norwegian package! Hilarious to hear Jeff attempt to read Norwegian. I give him credit for the fact that it was possible to make out what he was reading.

So while not important and perfectly understandable given the packaging, they misunderstood the third chocolate. The first small one, "Kvikk Lunsj" (Fast Lunch) was indeed the Norwegian KitKat. The second one was indeed the pure milk chocolate. The third one was a combination of the first two. The description on the third one translates to: "Freia (the manufacturer) milk chocolate with pieces of "Kvikk Lunsj" wafers and a sprinkle of sea salt". Thats why the wafers were distributed in the chocolate.

Such hybrid combinations of milk chocolate and pieces of other already well known chocolates have become quite popular here. Recently they even released one with pieces of oreos

Oreo and milk chocolate hybrid similar to the one with Kvikk Lunsj in the mailbag

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Posted by rmanthorp

More Jason in videos! :D

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@pliny: I guess what I'm trying to say is that jerky is never cooked, it's dried. Sometimes low heat (under 80°C) is used to help the process, but it's not cooked in the traditional sense. Raw meat is raw, cooked meat is cooked, jerky is dried (sometimes with heat).

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@dethfish: The later in the day of the video the more Jeff looks like heihachi

Posted by wewantsthering

Drew hair.

I was going to say the same thing! Looking sick!

Posted by nachobandit

I may have just noticed this, but Drew is a very handsome man.

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Drew is basically Mike Score from A Flock of Seagulls.

Posted by deepspaceoctopus

Did this video get Thin Lizzy stuck in anyone else's head?

Posted by Nights

"Is that FUCKIN SURGE?!"

Posted by YapaPanda

The amount of excitement Dan had over hamburger helper singles is quite alarming.

Posted by ShadzKing

I wanna try dried haddock!

Posted by bill


Posted by posh

"what is a haddock" wtf dan?

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That question mark block lamp thing was pretty great.

Posted by indieslaw

Why won't Dan eat things?

Posted by Sintesi

I'm pretty sure Dan "what-does-that-word-mean" Ryckert has never read a book in his life.

Posted by None_Braver

What's with Dan's aversion to salt? I guess he can't be a part of any mailbag now.

Posted by xxNBxx

I can confirm that melkesjokolade is good chocolate.

Posted by Goodykoontz

I just bought some of that jerky online.

Posted by Griffinmills

I can see why folks get caught up on the heat/fire/warming part of cooking and suddenly start setting up camps to fight over what is real cooking or whatnot. Especially if they, for example, only read the first sentence in wikipedia and call it a day on research, before reaching the third sentence in wikipedia. We all got our hangups AND this is the internet! I prefer the inclusive stance myself.

Posted by freecajunlove

@goodykoontz: Haha. Beautiful! Let me know if you enjoy it.

Posted by TheHT


Posted by suicidepacmen

Never stop wearing ecko, Jeff, and I won't either.

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Ah, this was such a good mailbag, it almost hurts.

Posted by Matoyak

What's with Dan's aversion to salt? I guess he can't be a part of any mailbag now.

He seems to have an aversion to, like...95% of all foods. Dude's got some weird Food Issues, 'parently.

@meatsim said:

Jeff is clearly going to do a heel turn and try to usurp Dan as leader of #TeamBoneless.

Jeff turn heel? Isn't he already? ;) :p

Posted by Jamin724

Has anyone else bought the jerky because of this stream? So I just bought some of this jerky because of this stream I bought small samples of each flavor any suggestions which I should try first?

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I got unreasonably upset when Dan just claimed leadership for Team Boneless. Almost makes me want to flips sides just to spite that bullshit.