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aloe haaaaa! 
see what I did there?
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Its weird seeing all these people since they moved, I always though of giantbomb as a 6/7 person operation

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Mmmm… Aloe.

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Rockin' the 'stache, Jeff.
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Jeff with a mustache? Did he lose a bet or something?

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Jeff  Gerstman's got a mustache!

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I love it when Brad is behind the camera 

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Shave please Jeff

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Stache AND a knife!!!

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@sakarot: Ohh nooooeee!
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Wow, growing a mustache, huh? Go for broke, Jeff!

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Yes, Mustache someone needed one.

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I love periwinkles. :D

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Will 'stache ride for twinkies.

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boobies.....and aloe......o_o

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that is the most random combination of stuff in one box in a mailbag video i've ever seen

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Jeff - don't shave the mustache.   Don't do it.

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That 'stache is lookin good on you, Jeff.  Keep it!

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With the knife, goatee and moustache... Jeff seriously looked like Brad Pitt in Inglorious Basterds at the beginning of the vid.

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"Comic books are dumb." Hahahahha! How could you say that to Babs? Rofl...

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Sara. <3

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Jeff looks like rape

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This mailbag is great because the package had some cool stuff in there like those Star Trek books, don't see that too often. But also, it provided us with this image: 

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Put the snails in the aloe drink, mix it up, and chug it!

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Oh man, I just connected the communication dude from exo squad to drew now... Now I have to go watch my copy of that same dvd again.

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Pretty amazing that's for sure

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Oh, Will Smith, you crazy fool. 
Sweet DVI cable Brad!

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Oh man, I haven't had snails in years. They taste awesome! 
Half the fun is pulling them out of their shell with a toothpick.

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Stache in the HOUSE! With the knife and mustache, Jeff kinda looks like a thug from a bad 80's movie.

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I like how Tony is looking all proper in the office while everyone else just doesn't care.

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Jeff's mustache is back!!! :O

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Slammin those aloe SUGAR FREE
Jeff totally needs to keep rocking the facial hair

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Get Vinny the intern to eat the snails.

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The Metroid: Other M reveal was awesome!

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@phrosnite: Nah, he's been talking to Ryan about growing one on Jeff's iPhone livestreams recently.
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Dude, why is Tony the only one wearing a tie in the office?

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Rockin stache there Jeff.

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Jeff you look better with the mustache keep it! XP

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htdcfcgv disgusting

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Awesome jacket is awesome.

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Thats a Kershaw knife I think, I have one of those, only the blade is black. I feel closer to Jeff now.

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A gif of the first 3 seconds needs to exist, right now.

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had some exo squad toys back in the day that were fucking awesome. also, the show rocked my nuts.

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@OllyOxenFree said:
" Sara. <3 "
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anime is for jerks and comic books are dumb.  will GB start trashing the other sources of Whiskey Media content? "Technology is for nerds and movies are for creepy old guy!"

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@nickux: thank you sir for that image :D. Only good things will come of it.