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Send these fools some Carrots! Groovy art.

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I was totally gonna ruin this quest for someone since I got this the first day it came out.

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love these

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Drew's poster looked downright epic. Also, I love Black Cherry. You guys are lucky you have such awesome fans.

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Very very cool posters.

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Those posters are fucking AMAZING. I want them. All. Right now.

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Pennsylvania has the goods? That means that the state is filled with lesbians, but that can't be the case, can it? I've seen a lot of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and I don't remember a lot of lesbians in that show.

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as a native of PA who travels a good bit, i can affirm that Kutztown is a city in Pennsylvania, oddly enough, if I remember correctly, its pretty close to SHOEMAKERSVILLE...

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You've got mail, and it's awesome.

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Except for the Guaraná, the rest is not really very Brazilian... yes, they're sold here, but you wouldn't say it's traditional Brazilian food. 
Fica frio, está tudo bacana. Sossegado!

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Those posters are incredible. I think they'd go well in the bar.

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Damn, those are awesome

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Love the posters, would totally buy one (Maybe 2?) if you guys sold something like that.
Also, good move betting on my boy Black C!

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yay mailbag!

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Dude those candy cigarettes are awesome! They even have a little puff of powder that comes out! Epic!

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Guarana Jesus can't stop his miracles 'cause he's SO AMPED. 
He'll make your teeth grow fangs and he can walk on Mountain Dew!

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dude ryan has a tatoo! what???

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Seriously, someone who lives near by send these guys a fruit basket or a vegie plate. If you guys really cared about them you would stop sending them all this slow death in candy form. lol

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If only Guarana Jesus looked like blood.

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I've tried their white birch beer... pretty good stuff. And we Pennsylvanians love our venison. I've been meaning to send some PA swag to the Giant Bomb crew for a while now. Expect more soda products, duders.

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Damnit! It's not 5 uhs. The correct number of uhs is [whoopsie!] Get it right folks!

"Kutzville is like the dicey part of Kutztown" is the best unintentional pun I've heard in a while.

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Anyone else get a Tropico vibe from those posters?
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Nice posters.  It has to be said, Ryan has some nice hair............wait, did I say that out loud?  O_o
Also, I spotted some Happy Birthday balloons in there, who sits next to Ryan?  Whoever it is, Happy Birthday!!

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Amazing!  Dave didn't get a poster though :(

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You guys should scan those posters in and use them as as the main images for your articles in the wiki, that would be sweet.

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C*nt. Oh Vinny.

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@slyspider said:

dude ryan has a tatoo! what???

It says "MOM" in binary.
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The posters are amazing.

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It's been forever since I've had candy cigarettes.

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Holy crap those posters are AMAZING. 
I'm jealous. =/

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@crusader8463 said:
" Seriously, someone who lives near by send these guys a fruit basket or a vegie plate. If you guys really cared about them you would stop sending them all this slow death in candy form. lol "
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Why is this video age-gated?

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Return to sender hahahaha

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what great posters, good job guy

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What the hell is a candy cigarette?

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Giant Bomb has been immortalized in poster form!

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Candy cigs are high tech.

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Look at all this stuff from Pennsylvania. It's like they're holding my home in their hands.  
Fun fact: my sister attended Kutztown University. Upon visiting we sometimes went to the Kutztown Bottling Works where those drinks are manufactured. 

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@Chadster said:
" @slyspider said:

dude ryan has a tatoo! what???

It says "MOM" in binary. "
tell me your serious because thats pretty awesome
and not just in a nerd way because it looks all right just thinking its some kind of pattern
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I have no idea what any of that means but I have the sudden urge to DO THE DEW
So excited for mailbags, they always make me feel so incredulous!
I never got the chance to see Drew's text at the bottom of his poster.  I'm sure if I were more up on my Drew memes I could intuit the answer.  Soda chugging perhaps?
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Mailbags are some of the best videos. I don't know if the million Twinkies can be topped though.

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"Fica frio, tudo bacana!"
Ryan's pronunciation wasn't bad, but just so you know, no one says that. And it also doesn't make a lot of sense.
Also, so weird to see candies that are so normal here being treated as something weird. By the way, Diamante Negro is awesome, you'll probably like it a lot.
As for the posters, those are damn sure awesome. I just couldn't make out what was written in Drew's.

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that posters are awesome, but i hope the "el bomba gigante" instead "la bomba giante" was on purpose

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Ryan really looks like Tim Schafer in this video to me for some reason.

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Had a weird love of candy cigarettes when I was a kid, but man they are like eating slightly sweet chalk.

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My mouth started watering as soon as I saw that venison jerky, someone send me some!

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@takua108 said:
" Why is this video age-gated? "
Because of Vinny's foul mouth, of course.