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It's fixed

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um, what?
I tried watching the DJ Hero 2 video in hopes of getting the mailbag in return. No luck. RYAN!

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wtf is up with the camera?

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Rock and Rye is the BEST!!!

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This is not mailbag!

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There seems to be a slight mix-up.

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They got DJ Hero 2 and a professional consumer in the mail?

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I LOVE RED POP TOO!!! but yeah fix the video. 

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Alright guys, I've confirmed via two independent sources that this is not a mailbag video. I'll give you more info as it comes in.

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It must have been a big box that all these people arrived in.

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Thats not faygo, thats DJ Hero 2!  You can't fool me.

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There's too much DJ in my beverage. 

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Whoops! Wrong filename. All better! Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Whoaaaaaaa.... was that Alex Navarro at 3:00?

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I think Brad was looking at bikini babes 
look at his monitor closely before Ryan comes over, he does change what window is open though

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Rock & Rye is the best flavor of pop EVER! You guys are so missing out not being able to walk around the corner and pick up that tasty treat whenever you want.

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Thought that the Outfit turned out better than I thought it would, definitely seemed to work better than the Mercenaries games. Still definitely a rental but going through the bargain 360 games out, you could definitely play worse games out there.   
As a big fan of H.P. Lovecraft's literary mythos, I still find that the ICP diehard fans are somewhat scarier to me than eternal fish monsters from beyond time.

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there's 775 million bottles of soda in that box

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Stab the sky!

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The Murder Mitten is the best damn name for Michigan ever.

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glubglub 775

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I'm way too happy at seeing Matt Rorie and Alex just casually stroll on down to the Bomb Shelter like it ain't no thing.

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@isnipeyoudie said:
" Whoaaaaaaa.... was that Alex Navarro at 3:00? "
DUH! Dude works for wiskey media now. Screened.com
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Faygo is the best. It's a shame it isn't available in more places.

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jeff and the skyward box cutter

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Mailbag!  That last package was great!

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Those are dried plums. They're got a sweet and sour flavour.
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Redpop taste like Robtiussin, if anyone sent that to me, I'd personally go to their house and punch them in the face. Faygo has made WAY better flavors! 

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Screened.com yay!

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Tell that bitch to bring home a faygo!

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I want some hot tips for Tekken 1 & 2.

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Jeff with some facial.

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Skyward Knife?

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Also, how far away are GB moving from the basement?

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More alex and rorie.

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Tekken Tip 1: Punch the other guy

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Gman looks lost.  (1:00 mark)

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@MrGtD said:
" I'm way too happy at seeing Matt Rorie and Alex just casually stroll on down to the Bomb Shelter like it ain't no thing. "
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 I wonder if Jeff will leave the ... beard long enough for a second one to develop on his second chin >_>

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Im gonna quote mega64 by saying "tell that bitch to get you a faygo!"

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I love the way that things crinkle in videos like this. It sounds so satisfying

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I love these unboxings.  I don't know why.  All you are doing is ripping apart boxes of random junk people send you related to your conversations, musings or just general interests or disinterests (at least concerning the Juggalos).
I think my favorite part is seeing all of the crazy types of boxes that you get.  The shoe box wrapped in ducktape was pretty awesome I must say. Even better than that "Lets Tap" box.

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looks like you guys got a knife uprade.

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@MrGtD said:
"I'm way too happy at seeing Matt Rorie and Alex just casually stroll on down to the Bomb Shelter like it ain't no thing. "

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Goddamn it, how do Brad's cameos always become the best part of the videos they're in?