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They should...send me that Viva Pinata standee back there. I've been trying to find anything related to VP and its impoooosssiiibbbllleeeee.

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Oh my fucking god.

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The mask is HILARIOUS. Please wear it all week Ryan. Please.

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They were expecting ricin but little did they know depleted uranium was going to be true culprit!

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@rotorious said:


I used to work on the gun that the A-10 has and the actual projectile is made from depleted uranium.

Fun fact: The A-10 is the only aircraft to be designed specifically around the gun that it fires, and also if it is fired for more than 6 seconds consecutively the airplane will start to stall and fall out of the sky.

The sender didn't specify which type of shell it was. It might very well have just been a practice shell or a simple HEI. Would probably be a good idea to verify before drinking, but either way the risk of the casing being dangerous is very low.

Also, the stalling thing is a myth. You will run out of ammo before any significant damage is done. All you'll do is wear out the barrels quicker.

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@j23 said:

"You can drink beer out of anything, if you try hard enough." - Ryan Davis, 2013

"Oh, no. I shouldn't of drank beer out of that. My tummy!" - Ryan Davis, Sometime soon

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Those Dunks are fresh, Jeff must wear them.

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Mailbags rule!

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Those shoes are amazing.

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This could be you, Patrick.

Just saying.

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How'd I miss this? This is an awesome edition of the mailbag and those shoes are incredible!

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Dope shoes indeed.

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@dberg: Based off of some quick Googling, I think audio jack output is less than 1 volt, so I don't think it'd be that dangerous.