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Second time's a charm.

And I just got done turning my monitor upside down, too.

Posted by TwoGunsABlazin


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Double mailbags!

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So much content!

Posted by fargofallout


Posted by xanavi

Second time's the charm, eh Brad?

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Posted by Jay_Ray

It was better upside down Brad

Posted by Trilogy

False start...Bradley Shoemaker...5 yard penalty... still second down.

Posted by pancakehumper

Déjà vu big time

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I prefer my content upside down. :(

Also you modified the post time to make it look like you got the video up before Ryan.

For shame

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The dumpster outside their offices must be filled with shitty canned drinks and various other nonsense by now.

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They fixed it! I already watched it upside down and in 4:3 though, so I guess I'll consider this the remix?

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Please figure out how to lock exposure on your iPhone before shooting, Brad.

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Nice, back to sending mostly random crap with some cool stuff mixed in. Things were getting a bit out of hand.

Posted by Ghost_Cat

Lawnmower Racing Mania? I say that should make a brief appearance on Unprofessional Fridays.

Posted by Rodiard


Posted by snarekick

This just in, GB crew are juggalos

Posted by White

Make up your mind. Right-side up or up-side down?!

Posted by Gliz9

Don't talk shit about Faygo, it's the tits.

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Edit: Brad straight molested that Gill Grunt!! D:

Posted by ArbitraryWater

No, you guys really are monsters for not finishing Dishonored. That game is the best Deus Ex game since Deus Ex.

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#teambrad up in urr.

Posted by Jonnyflash80


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Faygo talk is always exciting.

Posted by Schatzy23

It's...it's like I've seen this video before except something was different...hmmm, what ever could that have been?

Posted by sephirm87
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I thought American's only say Soda. This is the first time I've heard someone from America say Pop. I'm used to us in Canada using Pop to talk about soft drinks, lol.

Posted by Grilledcheez

@haziqonfire: http://strangemaps.files.wordpress.com/2008/08/popvssodamap.gif DEPENDS on where you are!

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That look after he reads "Faygo." Thank them for not sending Grape Faygo, worst grape soda I've ever had.

Posted by Clonedzero

the old one was better.

Posted by jacobgray

I still hate ICP for ruining Rock & Rye for the rest of the world. And now that I live on the other side of the country, I can't even get it without paying through the nose. Ugh.

Posted by Matoyak

I thought American's only say Soda. This is the first time I've heard someone from America say Pop. I'm used to us in Canada using Pop to talk about soft drinks, lol.

Soda, Pop, Coke, and Soda-Pop are all valid in different sections of the country. Down South (specifically, Texas in my case) we call everything Coke, regardless of any branding. If someone asks for a coke, you then need to ask for clarification of what type: Coca-cola, 7-up, sprite...?

Posted by liquidcabbage

I think this video is realer than the other one.

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Also, totally digging Jeff's frayed XFL jerseys. What's next, Memphis Maniax? San Francisco Demons?

Posted by AthleticShark

Love how it says "Giant B".

Have others said that or is it usually just addressed to the Gerstman?

Edited by KaneRobot

Should have sent some Vernors with that Faygo. Show those wacky west coasters what real ginger ale is. Fuck that Canada Dry shit.

Posted by YoThatLimp

I like how @brad gloats at the end!

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Beware kids, wrap your chickens.

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Send you momma up to the sto tell that bitch to bring home a faygo

Posted by Swifdemon

this is blowing my mind

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That was some poor video. Ryan wins on video quality alone. Please stop using your iPhone for site content. Although if Ryan was using an iPhone as well, then my mind is confused.

Posted by meatdimensionfighter

@kanerobot: Don't fuck with the champagne of ginger ales

Posted by Slaegar

That DayZ knife is pretty awesome.

Posted by Jedted

I love these kinds of dual videos. I switched the audio back and forth between this and the Mondays vid.

Posted by ddensel

Breakdown of Soda vs. Pop vs. Coke in the U.S.

Moon Mist is the greatest Faygo flavor.

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