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I love mailbags

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More mailbags. great!

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Keep em comin ^^

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love the hats.

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Gangsta Patrik!

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hot tip on where to find Tastykake in the Bay Area: there's a (great) cheesesteak place named Phat Philly at 24th and Valencia. get there.

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Whappy Dog lives!

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I freaking love TastyKakes!

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"Dig Deeper into Yoshi"


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I enjoyed Ryan tossing the Yoshi head away as soon as he started ranting.

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I have a sperm bag...

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Must have those glasses.

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Hehe, awesome.

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Awww they get the best food!!!

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I think we've found Patrick's character for the next GOTY.

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yo. yo. that hat is from Persona 3. Junpei Iori. come the F on.

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That's not a "Charlie Tunoku" hat, at all

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craaaazy ending

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Oh my fucking god, Patrick with a hat on reminds me of Corey from Boy meets World, goddammit that's all I can see now.

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@DougCL said:

yo. yo. that hat is from Persona 3. Junpei Iori. come the F on.

@ZeForgotten said:

That's not a "Charlie Tunoku" hat, at all

My work here is already done.

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Damn those tastycakes look so good.

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I spy something beginning with M and ending in att.

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Those Atari glasses are fuckin boss.

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That Zelda hat is amazing!

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TastyKakes, particularly the butterscotch krimpets, are scrumdiddlyumptious! I highly recommend them! =d

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Sweet sweet mailbag.

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Very stylish hat Patrick. The purple shirt makes it look like you're a Saints Row character.

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Vinny's jacked in.

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Patrick Klepek IS Mark Fydrich IN the San Fransisco Giant Bombs!

hot tip on where to find Tastykake in the Bay Area: there's a (great) cheesesteak place named Phat Philly at 24th and Valencia. get there.

Those storeshelf snacky cakes all taste the same.
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Junpei's hat*****

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patrick makes a pretty good gangstah.

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You may now be in the possession of a "hot" copy of The Ball. The one cent sticker is typically when EB games/Gamestop decides it's going to penny out something and pull it from the shelves to make space and call it a loss. They're supposed to go back to a box that the DM gathers and tosses later. This one appears to have survived the experience and migrated. It may just be The Ball, but at least it has a shadowy history now which makes it slightly better.

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Patrick is supa gangsta!

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Already the best part of this video is showing Vinny fuckin' WORKING ON THOSE GODDAMN VIDEOS. THOSE VIDEOS DON'T EDIT THEMSELVES.

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What Persona 4 did this guy play where the main character wears Junpei's baseball cap? What in the hell?

"I don't give a FUCK about the other half!" Oh Patrick...

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sweet LoZ cap there

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Oh cool the Junpei hat, I think that was a P3:FES pre-order.

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Patrick for child-lookalike of the year!

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Yoshi is boss, F Ryan.

I wonder if they just end up tossin half of this stuff they get.

I might have to order me some of those Atari glasses though, those look sweet.

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Crap, now I really want some butterscotch flavored anything now.

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Throwing down the yoshi to yell at Will Smith about Baby mario was awesome.

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A good mailbag to start the year off. That Yoshi was awesome.

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I've been itching for a new mailbag video. You guys never disappoint.