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Oh cool a new mailbag

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Ooh, stealth Mailbag while the stream is starting.

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Damn, I haven't watched the last mailbag yet, more in-office shenanigans for me!

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Movin' on from Nigh-On Cat.

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He didn't frame it? Who doesn't frame it?

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Vinny has black hair...

Posted by Brandino

What is that surge protector? I am in desperate need of one.

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Gotta make a new poster bro, with DREWWWWW.

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Thats a pretty rad poster.

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That's pretty awesome. You guys should photocopy that and make posters. Do another signing-session.

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I'm still thinking about Drew's sandwich. Man, that thing looked tasty.

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Watching Ryan unwrap that was amazing.

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Sigh... why don't the videos load for me any more?

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Wow, that's pretty effin incredible

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@Hawkerace said:

Gotta make a new poster bro, with DREWWWWW.

drew should get his own poster.

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Would be nice to look at for a bit without the camera constantly moving.

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Man, that's really awesome. People have really been raising the bar for Mailbags this week.

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Yes!!! Down with the nyan cat!

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Why do half the videos on this site not even bother to load anymore?

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Fucking incredible ....I would kill for that talent !!!

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I want to be painted in such a fashion...


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They're moving to the awkward penguin meme.

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So when can i buy this?

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@adoggz said:

@Hawkerace said:

Gotta make a new poster bro, with DREWWWWW.

drew should get his own poster.

either one of these

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Again, another awesome awesome mailbag.

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Patrick looks like Krankor

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This just made my day :) really glad you guys like it. Also there is a secret drawing on my note...didn't realize the FedEx guys taped it like that.

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So is Patrick, like 19th century British Army Officer/ Zordon?

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@sgt1shot1kill: Dude that poster is AWESOME! I hope they contact you next time they decide to do posters for the store

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I am stupid happy that Nyan Cat is coming down. Stupid Happy.

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The art mailbags are my favorite mailbags. :)

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Damn... I was going to send them 30 copies of the Goodburger novelization, but now I have to step it up to at least 70.

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No big surprise that the best site on the Internet has the best fans!

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Shame we didn't get a steady shot on it, but yes that looks amazing. Fantastic work duder!

Also this makes me excited for Nyan Cat's replacement - finally a use for all those awesome posters and stuff they've been sent over the years? I still love those propaganda ones so much.

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RIP NYAN CAT :3=============

Posted by acev

oh man, that robot jeff is good.

and there's a page for 'poster', huh.

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I hope they stream taking Nyan Cat down, or do SOMETHING. It's been there for so long.

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Can i get a link to Vinny's Alpha Protocol stuff?

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holy fucking terrible cameraman, couldn't hold steady on the poster for anything, it was impossible to get a good look

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@LikeaSsur: They did, right before TNT started.

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@RetroVirus said:

They're moving to the awkward penguin meme.

Then after that, Bachelor Frog. I cannot wait for that one! :D

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Why is Patrick the biggest feature? It should be Vinny.

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Stop being good at cool things, jerk.

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Nyan Cat coming down is a huge bummer. Man I was feeling good till that part.

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Nye-an cat?

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Wow, that's awesome. Also, Alexis looks tired as shit!