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Posted by Brad

Llama smile. :3

Posted by VarrosAnon

Giant Bomb on Safari better become a regular segment. Next time, Brad joins the tribe!

Posted by hughesman

I can't believe you didn't touch the lama, Brad.

Posted by tucah

alpacas > llamas

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I like this new segment.

Posted by theimmortalbum

I've been waiting for this. SO EXCITE. LLAMA IS BEST CAMELID.

Posted by BigD145

When llama's learn to open zippers then man will be rendered obsolete.

Posted by snoopdye

The legend...It Is true!

Posted by koolaid39

Love how pumped Brad gets when he pulls out the carrot to feed the llama.

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Oh man they have SADDLE BAGS.

Llamas with saddle bags guys, LLAMAS WITH SADDLE BAGS.

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Spread the lama love Brad!

Posted by CatAlex

They're so cute! But I was kinda scared that Brad could get kicked by a llama. Do Llamas kick???

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The Llama Man is the only real human in this video. The rest of us are out of touch with what it means to be alive, to be a part of nature. WE are the weirdos, not him.

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Really nice video quality for a cell phone. Those packs are pretty intense. Lots of buckles.

Posted by MAJID

I can only pray that this is the first of many instalments 'on Safari'

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I would pay money to see a llama in person.

Posted by AlcibiadesRex

Feeling the llama love now

Posted by apglazer

I went to an alpaca seminar over the weekend! Sometime next year I'll have some on my farm :D

I need to start growing my beard....

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Spreading the llama love...

Posted by Chtasm

I'd like to thank Drew for being the llama pioneer. You guys needs to get some llamas in the office.

Posted by MrGtD

We're not talking about Alpacas right now, we're really focusing on the Llamas.

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If Giant Bomb keep posting these kind of nonsense, then I will always continue my subscription.

Giant Bomb on Safari needs to be regular segment.

Posted by JYoung

Long Live Llama Love

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Posted by LibrorumProhibitorum

I love this Llama website.

Posted by Flappy

Can we get a Llama to make a guest appearance on the Bombcast? There was that one time where Ice-T was being considered, but that, uh, kinda fell through.

Posted by Elod

@catalex said:

They're so cute! But I was kinda scared that Brad could get kicked by a llama. Do Llamas kick???

Llamas spit! And they have soft pads on their feet like a dog, not a hard hoof like a horse/donkey, so their kicks aren't so bad.

Posted by evilboy2000

When you live in a big city sometimes you see crazy stuff like that... and I totally agree with @sweep Video games...

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OMG did Jeff and Vinny and Drew just turn into Llamas?

Posted by rabbithearted

Thanks for this. Really made my day better. :)

I would say we need a Llama Man like that in Atlantic City so I can get some llama love, but no one needs to be in Atlantic City ever. I shall continue to live vicariously through this video instead.

Posted by Chobbit

I love llamas looking longingly at looky loos. (I need a nap....)

Posted by SirOptimusPrime

Well this is amazing.

I can't wait for people to come in here asking where the video games at, though.

Posted by TzarStefan

Hmm, i thought they would be more aggressive

Posted by louiedog

Damn, I miss San Francisco. I used to walk or take the 44 across the park to this intersection and then get some damn delicious food at Spices (not Spices II) down the street. I never encountered a llama, however.

Posted by MormonWarrior

That man gave a knowing glance to the camera. He knew!


Posted by san_salvador

Fuck new consoles, Llama all the way!

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That was incredible

Posted by isomeri

"It's a website about videogames!"

Posted by CornBREDX

And to think the gaming world was first introduced to llamas by a man and his space giraffe.

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Llamas are true for me and you.

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You guys NEED to interview this guy for The Dumptruck. I must know why The Llama Man does what The Llama Man does.

Posted by Marokai

This website can be so great.

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San Francisco

Posted by Cashewual

That was such a joy, can't wait for more of the safari segments!

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I'm Commander Shepard and this is my favorite video on the Citadel.

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Posted by Darji

@isomeri said:

"It's a website about videogames!"

There is a game called Alpaca Love in which your girlfriend turns into a Alpaca. Does this count?