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I need that controller. Maybe I can build my own somehow.

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That Montreal Expos hat Jeff is wearing is SICK

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Every time I see something about this game, I get more interested in it, and then I get angry that I am as interested in it as I am.

I'm going to have to buy this game and play it.

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Hell yeah old school Expos hat!

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donkey kong country bongos

Posted by OneManX

Mike "I Still Believe in Mike Ross" Ross sighting...

Posted by CarRacer

The Lang Zone is scary and taller than Jeff.

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Awesome Expos hat!!

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is it the drink seeing things or was that Mike Ross at around 6:00?

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That pie looks GREAT

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Man how tall is Dave Lang

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I want on xbox

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I'm in this video for like a second playing Mike Ross. I'm internet famous now.

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Mike "Mike Ross" Ross sighting at 6mins in!

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Divekick! I am looking forward to it.

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Never knew Lang's name was spelled like that.

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Go White Sox! Fuck that Expos hat, Lang's hat is way better!

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I continue to be amazed how a dumb (although accurate) fighting game joke turned into game that, not only is being sold on multiple consoles, but is also something that many people are saying is actually fun to play.

Pretty crazy.

That meat pie does look rather tasty. :)

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When are we gonna elect a new Eric Pope? The current one kinda sucks.

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Fuck yeah Australian meat pies.

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Someone smeared nacho bits on that mic.

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Expos! MTL represent! They will come back one day... :(

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I see that screencap in my nightmares.

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The people's champ is alive and well.

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Mike Ross was there, if you could beat him at Divekick, you would win a poster.

Posted by Pinefresh

They need to talk to Dave Lang more often, that guy's fantastic.

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oh my god the juices!

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Holy shit. Old school Expos! You rock, Jeff.

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Shoutouts to Horseheads and Mike "Mike "Mike "Mike "Mike Ross" Ross" Ross" Ross" Ross.

Also: shoutouts to Brokentier, shoutouts to shoutouts, etc etc.

Posted by Kingfalcon

Got a chance to play this at PAX East and it was surprisingly fun!

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Holy shit that's Mike Ross at 6:00 in - that's pretty hilarious.

@morbid_coffee: where the heck was Gootecks?

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I'm losing it over the reaction to that meat pie.

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"Heihachi in a volcano ain't got shit on this." I was already on board, but god damn.

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@karmacow said:

Mike "Mike Ross" Ross sighting at 6mins in!


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OH MY GOD I totally saw my friend Cassy in this video. NICE

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John Drake, you're so sweet people get drunk off of you.

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If this video is not tagged for meat pies and/or cosplay, I am sad.

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Seeing this makes me smile.

Posted by Bourbon_Warrior

I never got how the meat pie isn't as universality praised like a Big Mac, mince and cheese all day!

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I really like Jeff's idea of playing this with Donkey Konga drums.

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"Heihachi in a volcano ain't got shit on this."


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If people would prefer that relationships like this, and the content only possible through relationships like this, did not exist, just so they can be 100% of non-bias... they can go fuck a duck.

I guessed where the commas should go. I dunno man, I dunno.

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Mike Ross and PR Rog in the background playing around 6 minutes in.

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Were they controllers from some old gameshow? lol

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@fatalis said:


Mike Ross was there, if you could beat him at Divekick, you would win a poster.

So guaranteed poster, then, if you showed up to play Divekick.

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Kung Pao and those portals, love em.

Shout-out to Mike Ross.