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Posted by thebeastwithtwobacks

el pollo loco

Posted by SPARTAN3

hahaha this is crazy

Posted by dOm_CaTz

no wonder firefall never comes out, they spend all their goddamn money on booths.

Posted by Victor018


Posted by thatdutchguy


Posted by RelentlessKnight

is this out of sync?

Posted by Drazat

So is this download or retail?

Posted by nohthink

I thought Microsoft said Twisted Pixel is their first party developer. Is that not true or did I make that up?

Posted by Sup

What track is that in the intro?

Posted by HadesTimes

Just want to say that this video and the PAX panel videos are the best produced videos I'VE EVER SEEN come out of Giant Bomb and I've been here since the beginning. AWESOME JOB guys!

Posted by Zippedbinders

Can't believe Brad dropped the ball on the hardest hitting question. "Will there be FMV?"

Seriously though, can't wait, I love whenever Twisted Pixel does anything.

Posted by Menito

omg what is this music i need to have

Posted by The_Reflection

So when Shootmania is officially released and it's a colossal failure in the e-sports scene and the consumer market, we can all go complain to that random fragdoll.

Posted by bassman2112

Man, good on John Drake - the dude works really hard, but you can tell he loves what he does.

Posted by Generiko

Hey, it's the bad guy from The Marine also,

IT'S A NEXT XBOX LAUNCH TITLE (would be my uneducated guess)

Posted by Jolt92

This is now one of my favorite videos on this site ever.

Posted by Sup

Also: some god damn awesome editing

Posted by wumbo3000

Event videos that have either Vinny or Drew editing them are always the best. That's why I love E3/PAX videos. Great job again Vinny!

Posted by stalefishies

I'm barely 2 minutes in and I'm already blown away. You guys really fucking nailed this video.
Also, John Drake confirmed for BLLS:L 3!

Posted by Phatmac

I'd just love a video of Vinny and the crew looking around PAX. Mostly for Vinny's intriguing editing with videos.

Posted by DJJoeJoe

Making me smile, one video at a time.

Posted by emem

Poor ShootMania girl, oh oh oh.

Posted by Slayer

Vinny editing GOD ! :D sooo good :D keep it coming and I'll keep supporting.

Posted by Ares42

oh god, that intro just made me want to not watch the video anymore =(

Posted by dcgc

This is really well done.

Posted by wafflestomp

Fucking Firefall is still there!

Posted by VarkhanMB

Where can I get those kicks that Chainsaw is wearing? Sweet video so far!

Posted by Mr. Kamikaze

If this video was just 7 minutes of that intro...it'd be the greatest thing ever.

Posted by EricFine

Can we can some mutha fuckin' kerning and leading on these names please?! Sorry typography nerd over here.

Posted by bigsmoke77

I'd will put cash money down that we will see this game accompanied by the phrase "Summer 2013".

Edited by Thor_Molecules

Vinny and Drew edit their way straight into my heart.

Posted by Kevin_Cogneto

Robert Patrick hasn't done video games before? He was Boston goddamn Low!

Posted by jozzy

@bigsmoke77 said:

I'd will put cash money down that we will see this game accompanied by the phrase "Summer 2013".

Really? Game seems a little too absurd to be a summer of arcade candidate to me. Or was that not what you were referring too? We'll see I guess, it's early day and I can't really see the draw myself.

Posted by Castiel

Not Randy Pitchford!

Posted by mbr2

Why does Randy Pitchford wear fingerless gloves?

Posted by pants_ghidorah

I have to agree with what everyone else is saying, this is some serious top notch editing. Good job Vinny and/or Drew!

Posted by DavivMcD

This is best FPS game you'll ever play?

Posted by Mr_Skeleton

Saying this is eSport while the Dota 2 International is happening at the same time not far from there is just sad.

Posted by ThePickle



Posted by Winternet

Yep, this video is great.

Edited by Eaxis

Love the editing, always awesome to see the best video content here.

Posted by Draxyle

I love that John Drake 360 degree shot. He didn't even bat an eye at it.

Posted by Ronald

John Drake is a beast. Too bad this will be another year of him sleeping at the office through most of the live show. Dude needs a break.

Posted by Mackinder

Nearly didn't watch this because I've no real interest in fighting bikes. So glad I did, AWESOME intro.

Edited by Wiseblood

Is this the wrong video?

EDIT: Ah, the intended subject of the video doesn't start until after 2 minutes in.

Posted by predator

That motorcycle fight clip from Torque reminded me of a scene from Godzilla: Final Wars.

Posted by MisterMouse

I feel like they have increased the amount of editing on these videos... which I am okay with.

Posted by gaffyh

The TwistedPixel guys must smoke some chronic shit.

Posted by FrenchFriedFool

Oh look it's Randy Pitchford

Posted by weegieanawrench
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