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Uhh.. Where is part 1?

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@gmcdonald93: Drew has resentment against the first part because it brought back terrible paper cut memories so he will not be putting it up...

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Où est partie l'un?

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What a weird thing to do. Maybe they were just looking for an excuse to bust out that sweet green screen.

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heres part juan?

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Did Chat Dragon eat Part One?

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Part one, duders. Don't panic.

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I found part one, guys.

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Already watched this on the Twitch archive, ain't I a neat guy!

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Are we in a First Blood/Rambo situation with the naming of these videos?


Oh no! Now I'll never know what the deal was with the blood

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I don't know what I expected when I clicked on a video called Poster Party. But yep, it's that!

Like when people funded Double Fine Adventure and were surprised to find an adventure game.

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'Poster Posture' Drew

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I need an adult.

No, but really, after the 1:20:01 mark the video started stuttering and the audio fucked up. Is that just me or is this a problem with the upload?

EDIT: I don't understand how what happened in the screenshot happened, because I refreshed the page and the show ended at 1:20:01....Now I really need an adult.

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last time you guys signed posters, Steve Jobs died. anything horrible happen this time?

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I've spent far too long watching you guys sign frikkin' posters. Just goes to show that it doesn't matter you fellas do, it's the conversation I come for.

Come to think of it, if it wasn't for Vinny's amazing alphabet game, there wouldn't have been much of it.

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@azurath: I'm always surprised when I see that happen, but at least this doesn't happen anymore.

I guess Giant bomb's awesome content was just too much for one webpage to hold.

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I want a mug.

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rorie is like the nerd who sits at the cool table.

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I paused the stream about three hours in and I hadn't realized until then that the constant sound of paper scraping paper was slowly driving me nuts.

I'm OK now, but I'm very conflicted about pressing play again.

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rorie is like the nerd who sits at the cool table.

"Do we wanna do a pen audit?"
--Rorie, 2014

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If I remember right (and I'm backed up by GameSpot reviews too), the first Crash Bandicoot was kinda junk but the second and third one were pretty great. Also, the kart racer was fun. That's when Naughty Dog was making them.

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I missed Pete & Pete talk? :(

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They said they were gonna sign more on friday. Did they do it off camera or is there a part 3 that's yet to be archived?

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Hey Sandy...

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Whale Rock sounds like a Star Trek IV reference to me.

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Lamp shades.

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Giant Bomb is the only place I can willingly watch 5 guys write their signatures for 3&1/2 hours.

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true that.

And darn it. I missed out on ordering one of these posters. Hope I can get a chance to snag one of the extras later.

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Something that the guys said in the last 6 minutes of this made my Xbox One turn on.

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i use to like rorie before watching these videos