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Posted by amardilo

The jumping issue seems very disappointing. I loved the original game on the Mega Drive and everything about this game looks really good but I think I would get as frustrated as Brad seemed in this Quick Look if the button presses are not very responsive.

I think I will hold off from buying this for now. Hopefully they can release a patch to sort out the controller issue.

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Yikes, that sounds like almost a full second delay on the jump. For a platformer a delay like that is a gamebreaker no matter how nice its other elements are.

Posted by Daftasabat


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Just finished the game yesterday (on 360), and the latency really isn't that big of a deal. Especially since the game is so easy. If you are at all interested just give it a shot, it's a pretty good remake.

Oh, and yes, Magical Quest is definitely the best Mickey Mouse game.

Posted by thomasonfa

@confideration: I did not think of that. Or we have our next game for Breaking Brad.

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