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Doin' it raw!

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Give it to me raw, baby.

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wonder how long it took for them to coordinate walking at the same pace?

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That freeze frame makes me uncomfortable.

EDIT - Aw they changed it. No more Brad looking high while trying to also look attractive.

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Alex AND Patrick in the same video? The haters are going to explode in these comments! The only way this video could get worse is if Brad died a few times.

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Hey camera guy. Back up!

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Got places to be! No time to just stand around and chat about games. Don't stop walking!

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nope your not first:D

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Screw standing around talking about games they saw, only GB is brave enough to walk around in a loop while talking about games they saw.

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Yay, Alex is there! Move back to San Francisco you bum!

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There are many layers to Brad.

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Brad needs to shave. That's all I have to say about this video.

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Plaid shirt patrol!

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Fat tired eyes -_-

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Alex! Finally! Lots of PAX Beards, too!

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Bearded Brad is fucking sexy.

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Brad! come to new hampshire and drink local beers with me!

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Yall's is livin' large with that CBSi moneys.

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Brad rockin' some straight 'Allard style.

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Nice to get some hot Navarro action.

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Seems like the guys are excited about what they saw! Can't wait to see more of these games! Also need to know where Brad got that brown jacket! looks Suhweeeeet!

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This slow walking shot with them running into the camera and having to slow down makes me uncomfortable for some reason.

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Alex...you look like I I saw you last time so long ago. You need to grow horns or something, stealing one of Brad's shirts does not count.

Pat is plaid too..Brad is going to pretty fragrant with 2 Pax day's shirts lifted...

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Lookin good guys. Reminds me of Reservoir Dogs.

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That was the rawest.

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PAX Footage! Content!

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There's trailers around for Hell Yeah. I was kinda expecting them to cancel it, with word out on their financial trouble and whatnot.

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Swift Cliff is the name of Assassin's Creed 3's cliff technology.

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@AhhDrJones: He is backing up! Damn dudes keep walkin' forward!

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Why is brad wearing lipstick?!

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Great video! More content coming today, I assume?

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That video thumb looks pretty raw, I agree.

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talking the talk. walking the walk.

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Standing around is obviously not allowed in Boston...

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Love it. This is far better than standing and talking.

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hey guys plaid shirts went out 20 yrs ago...

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Not bad but this was AWESOME

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Great, a new episode of Walkie Talkie.

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Not bad but this was AWESOME

Oh my god. This is incredible.

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What shade of lipstick are you wearing Brad?