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Hot damn, Patty Kleps!

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The day the DRM died.

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Scoops destroys it all!

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Boom K-man! The fight is on!

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Patrick dropped a giant bomb on us!

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DAMN Scoops.

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Unfortunate that the site wasn't working when you recorded this, some of the questions you had about what's being removed was answered there :[

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made me damn proud to be part of the Giant Bomb community today Patrick!

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Scoops is the greatest newsman in the world. There, I said it!

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Nice job!

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@darkness2386 said:

made me damn proud to be part of the Giant Bomb community today Patrick!

Patrick's send off!


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Patrick Klepek, scoops god.

Can't wait for your 5min interview.

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Scoops droppin' bombs!

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Giant Bomb reeks?!

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Aww yeah

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Scoopin' with Spooks.

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I would be a lot more proud of being part of Giant Bomb if credit and respect was given where it was truly deserved: the consumers who were outraged and spoke up, and left Microsoft and Sony no alternative but to be listened to.

One thing certainly died, today: the talking point that "internet outrage" is just a tiny but loud group of people who never accomplish anything. And that fact is still not sufficiently acknowledged by people like Ryan.

Otherwise, good work, Patrick.

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That Patrick was the one who broke the story is a perfect aside for members of this community and Giant Bomb as a whole.

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This news was so breaking, it broke the site.

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A hell of a send off for Patrick 'Tricky-Scoops' Klepek. Roastin' the internet with them' bombs!

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Yeah, ok, but what did Drew need the box for?

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Dat Scoops

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Honestly was not expecting such a big change in policy right after E3.

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There's a lot of stupid people defending the DRM and asking for MS to put it back on, afraid they are going to lose some new "features", others are just forgetting that MS tried to fuck them.

Hey people the fact that Microsoft is backing away from their fuck-the-custumers stance only makes them look worse.

They never had a vision of an all connected world, they just wanted more control and money, this change of policies proves it.

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That's some scoop ass scooping son!

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You know Patrick coordinated his shoes and shirt in anticipation of his big story.

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Amazing work, Patrick. If there's one silver lining to your departure, it's that you'll hopefully have more time to chase stories like this.

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from the announcement:
"Downloaded titles cannot be shared or resold. Also, similar to today, playing disc based games will require that the disc be in the tray."

Sounds like family sharing and disk-install-play-diskless is dead...at least for now

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Really looking forward to when that 5-minute dumptruck goes up.

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I was saddened that when I finally read that Patrick was the first to break this story, that Giantbomb was down. I had to read it from a few other sources before I finally had a chance to read the original report. Great job reporting this.

At this time everyone is making a big deal about Microsoft flip-flopping in regards to their policy, but the truth is that in a few years time no one is going to look back on the policies suggested by either company this year as the "make it or break it" moment. While thousands of devoted hard-core gamers are clambering to write on every thread about their issues, the reality is that a system is more dependent on the response of the mass consumer. The hundreds of thousands of units that will move within the first week of each of their launches is primarily based on these mass consumers, and the voice of the die-hard fan only diminishes over time. Though it has been highly entertaining to watch this battle unfold, most of what we are hearing about now have little influence on the future of these systems.

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Oh MS you so dumb. I'm still more interested in a PS4 but at least if I ever decide to get a One I won't feel like I'm trading my soul. lol

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Great job Patrick.

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"Your welcome, I'm out!!!" Patrick drops the mic, and leaves San Francisco.

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It'll be a real shame if everybody just says 'Okay Xbox, I'm back on board' and forgets the mentality that drove those decisions in the first place and the staunch hubris that Microsoft showed throughout E3, they are still that company. They didn't back down on this decision for 'the good of gamers', they made it because the money behind the lacking pre orders spoke.

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today makes me proud to be paying duder of this site

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Hot scoops.

Last week I decided to buy an Xbox One a year or two after launch. You know what's changed between now and last week? Nothing!

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Pat is the man. Damn I'm gonna miss him in office. Glad GB is being put on the map in a major way! (Not that they weren't already there lol.)

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Total Biscuit crashed the giant bomb site :) He told people about the ms drm thing while 10k people were watching the TGS... 10k more trying to load giant bomb at once :)

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Great day for consumers!

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That is tremendous that Patrick was able to break this story, both for the site and for Patrick professionally. Awesome job, Scoops!

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He will know be known as Patrick "Fucking" Klepek.