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Cool studio. I love the Brad and Drew combo. 

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Damn...so close

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@Dylabaloo said:
"Haha already got first i'm such a dick :P "

I second that.
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It's only a model.

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 Needs more dakka
You know, for all his talk about them being superhuman warriors encased in nearly invulnerable armor, they can still die like bitches against lesser opponents.   I love 40k, but Space Marines are far from the best the campaign has to offer.

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We'll make it Orky!

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Yayyy! Vancouver~! ^_^ 
That's where I live! So exciting.

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40k table top in the office? Relic just became my #1 place I want to work.

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Ahh that's my city! I didn't know Relic was up here:) But that rocks! You guys are in YVR!!! The giant bear!!! Ahhh!! This is awesome!!!

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Given its Relic actually doing a third person shooter brawler, it should be interesting.
Also, I can't say Space without going SPAAAAHHCEEE MAREEEENNNN!!!!! AAARRGHHHH!!!!

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The hell, Relic's in Vancouver? I've been in the same city as them for this long?!

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This music is awesome. 
EDIT | Also, let me be the first to say the following: Gears of Warhammer.

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but who was holding the camera panning brad and drew?! :P

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Geez people do you do nothing other than refresh the main page in hopes of being the first to post on it or what.

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Not interested in Warhammer, but this game doesn't look half bad.

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Ahhhh, the city I will be calling home in about 6 months :) 
Oh yeah, also, this game looks AAAAWESOOME!!!

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Holly crap look at that neck-beard

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I was hoping we'd see some white supremacist action with aegis sitting next to Brad.

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No cover system? FUCK YEAH!

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Great Interview!

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i really like the opening. put me in a good mood.

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I love Relic and this looks great.

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god of warfare: 40k

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I demand I get to be a terminator.

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Kinda funny they call ya in for a trip, but not show much new stuff.
It does look great tho, good interview.

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Hello Gears of war
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Well ofcourse they love Warhammer 40K they kept the tradition of Space Marines being broken! AHAHAHAHAaa..... i am so dead.

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"the ORIGINAL space marine"
Haha, oh snap.

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This sounds like my kinda game! No hiding behind cover! Cover's for pussies! :P

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This game is gonna be awesome.

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That guy looks a whole lot like my dragon age character.

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Gears of War will now die!!!

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The expansion better be Eldar.. Seriously.. First the entire campaign of DoW 2 was space marine, then the expansion came along and I was thinking "ooh, chaos", but naah, still space marine campaign. Bleeeergh. 
Really hoping for some sneaky stealthy ninja style Eldar gameplay for the expansion then.

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Space Marine's bringing nothing interesting whatsoever to third person games.

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GiantBomb don't interview like anyone else and that's what makes them AWESOME!!!! Every other website that shows an interview it's more like an interrogation but not here.
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What I love about the Vancouver airport is all those fake nature-museum looking exhibits they have. It's also got some sweet indoor waterfalls.

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Yeah, space marines have always been one of the more boring races in the 40k universe to me.  BTW, were they on an upper floor?  If so, how'd they get that big tank that you see in their entrance up there?

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That guy had an annoying amount of media training. Everytime he answered a question he made sure to repeat the question before going on with his spiel. And he also incorporated the name "Space Marine" into his answers so many times in case we the audience are idiots and can't remember.

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I am literally across the street from Relic at another game company, we are situated on a higher floor than them so I've pondered installing a zip line. Wish I had ran into the GB crew during lunch or something, that would have been fun. 

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Homeworld 3?

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Looks fucking amazing. Cannot wait to play it, it looks like what I want other third person shooters to be.

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I need to make a "Gears of Warhammer" joke, but I just can't bring myself down to that level.

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I like how he said that the lack of cover is what 40k is about, yet Relic's other 40k games are based around cover.

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Did Brad think there were going to be polar bears roaming the streets or something

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@Anthony said:
" That guy had an annoying amount of media training. Everytime he answered a question he made sure to repeat the question before going on with his spiel. And he also incorporated the name "Space Marine" into his answers so many times in case we the audience are idiots and can't remember. "
But vut about ze multiplayer?
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This is the Warhammer game I've been waiting for. Cant wait to chainsword some orcs.
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Looks slick. I'll play that video game. 
I like how they handled the "seven foot tall space marine in glorious armor should fill three quarters of the entire screen" problem: push him off to the side.

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as someone who knows jackshit about 40k, and pretty much only being aware of space marines, I'm kind of interested in this.