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I was hoping there would be a video of these shenanigans.

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I know nothing about wrestling...... But this was fun!

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Stone Cold Steve Austin? Hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngh.

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I suddenly feel the urge to buy a pocketknife.

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Dan, brilliant fucking questions to Steve Austin.

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I can't wait to see this... tomorrow.

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Cody Rhodes looks like he's having the most fun.

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The DAN!

Has come back!


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Maybe I should get a better pocketknife..

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"Are you some kind of predator or something?"


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The fact that Dan managed to keep a straight face during the Star Dust interview is amazing.

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Stardust is just as amazing as I would have hoped.

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How come Patrick didn't get that scoop about how big the sun is?

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Time to buy a pocketknife.

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So good.

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I know literally nothing about wrestling and still loved this content. Maybe the lack of context makes it even better.

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that was really cool. and i could give a shiiet about wrestling.

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That was amazing

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Stone Cold was awesome!!

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Oh man, I don't follow wrestling, but man oh man Stardust. Good times right there. Holy smackers.

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"Did you know the sun is 4 hundred times bigger than the moon?"

"Yeah it's real big."

*Walks away*

This was probably one of the more fun interviews the WWE guys did that day.

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Cody Rhodes Stardust is probably the dude I'd have the most fun having a beer with. Genuinely seems like one of us and isn't just tolerating the games talk.

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Haaaa this is the best. Stardust is the weirdest, best thing. I love how into everything everyone seemed, looked like a good time.

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Holy Shit!

"A moblin?"

"Is that your idle animation?"

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I don't know what the fuck is going on in this video but I LOVE IT.

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This was great!

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I like that Stardust guy.

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Awesome video

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I'm from the Netherlands. I don't get this.

I do have a pocketknife though.

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Maybe the best piece of content on the website.

"Is that your idle animation?"

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Stardust for president.

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I am now a huge fan of Stardust.

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I also don't watch wrestling, but that was great.

TIL the Sun is way smaller than I thought.

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I don't watch a lot of wrestling, but do you have to take Stardust to be Stardust?

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This is great.

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oh dear just where did cody's career go so wrong to get saddled with being mini dustin

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This was great. I want more. Steve Austin owns as well. Also yeah, don't drink shitty vodka man.

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Really fantastic!

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My god, not even a minute in and I'm already giggling at "Sell me a pocket knife."

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This was hilarious