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Posted by beard_of_zeus

Great video from front to back. I'm equally excited as Brad for the new Trials game.

Posted by lockwoodx

I have newfound respect for Jeff by taking the microphone away from Patrick.

Posted by Animasta

recettear? you mean that shop sim game?

threw me for a loop

Posted by lockwoodx


I called out Greg K for being dry, boring, and like a nephew at a bad family gathering when playing skyrim.

I get shit for it here, but as sooon as Dave Lang does the exact same impression everyone laughs. Only from the Giantbomb community!!!!

Posted by clumsyninja1

The white xbox looks awesome...that's racist

Posted by GValo

I'd get that white xbox is 1) It had the newer controller with the twist D pad and 2) I didn't already have 2 in my apartment

Posted by Enigma777

Drake 4 Lyfe!

Posted by Redbullet685

Steel Battalion looks cool, Trials Evolution looks great, Halo 4 looks like it will be like Halo.

Posted by TooWalrus

This reminds me how much I'm looking forward to E3 this year.

Posted by thebigJ_A

And this is why, bar occasionally popping in Dark Souls, I haven't turned my 360 on in months. My PC on the other hand...

Posted by zoozilla

Drew really outdid himself with this one.

Posted by cthomer5000

Great content and editing on this vid. Really great stuff. Patrick with an excellent call to "DROP THE MIC!" that would have been the only way to improve the vid.

Posted by buckybit
  • Microsoft Day - in the books!
  • "With great content comes great editing"
  • Greg Kasavin impression: impressive!
  • Steel Battalion: impressive!
  • Jeff would like the white XBOX even more, if it had 3 adidas stripes?
Posted by DrFlapjack

Very nicely edited. I love you guys. That is all.

Posted by RiceEatin2010GT

great job on the video guys! keep it up

Posted by MadLaughter

Great video guys, keep it up.

Edited by Draxyle

<3 Giantbomb. This makes me eager for Pax and or E3 wackiness.

Loved the Greg Kasavin impression too. Pretty mean to say about a guy having to talk to himself for half a day, but that was still amusingly accurate.

@Animasta said:

recettear? you mean that shop sim game?

threw me for a loop

That's what my brain first registered as well, since most of my friends are playing it from the steam sale two days ago.

Posted by Tordah

Great video. Looking forward to seeing more of Trials Evolution. That 4-player mode made it look like a modern Excitebike, which would be pretty awesome.

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Posted by Beaudacious

Editing was fantastic, great flow it was really enjoyable to watch.

Posted by Chris2KLee

Hope they got footage of Patrick playing Steel Battalion. Game sounds crazy and I wanna see if Patrick's hair breaks it. Bonus points for hilarious flag antics.

Posted by Vexxan

"Because blowing up castles is rad."

You know what, he's not lying.

Posted by LegendaryChopChop

Patrick looks like Larry from the Three Stooges in this picture.

Posted by YoThatLimp

@fox01313 said:

I prefer the event videos like this than a handful of trailers, seeing how much of the stuff might be stuck behind what they can say about it, it's nice to hear some thoughts on the games & event overall.

Totally agree, this displays GB's personality.

Posted by zockroach

Brad is blacked out.

Posted by Rawson

I must be the odd man out, here. Other than Steel Batallion and the new Trials, there's not much of anything that Microsoft seem to be offering that looks appealing to me. More Kinect stuff, which includes an on-rails fantasy shooter and a glorified 3D Angry Birds, another Forza game, and yet another Halo. Am I getting that right?

Posted by MoseSSesoM

I want that white 360.

Posted by chrissedoff

I might get one of them small Xboxes now that they come in white

Posted by Supergooder

12:54 Fuck. Died.

Posted by Balex1908

Did I just see 3 Stormtroopers dancing to YMCA? WTF are you doing?!

Posted by D_W

How come there is no Giant Bomb community meme involving John Drake?

Posted by kalmis

Trials HD multiplayer, yes please

Posted by icemk

I thought I would never say this..... Steel Battalion with Kinect... actually looks pretty neat...

Posted by zyn

They're still out there... The Covenant...

Posted by DeF

this might just be the best GB (event) video I've ever seen! so many in-jokes, stupid on-location shenanigans and superbly random editing ...wonderful :)

great job!

Posted by Dante_the_Jedi

Man, Tony Hawk HD is going to be so cool, and a new Trials game...yes pleases.

Posted by Winternet

I can watch Brad playing Trials all day.

Posted by BisonHero

@chrismafuchris said:

Isn't Wrecketter the game where you play as the anime girl and have your own store?

That is literally all I could think of once he said the name.

Posted by HalfDane1975

When they unvailed the X-Box I laughed my ass off! Great stuff !

Posted by BisonHero

@Buzzkill said:


I called out Greg K for being dry, boring, and like a nephew at a bad family gathering when playing skyrim.

I get shit for it here, but as sooon as Dave Lang does the exact same impression everyone laughs. Only from the Giantbomb community!!!!

It's the difference between Dave Lang joking around and giving somebody he personally knows a hard time, versus you (an internet nobody) going around telling people how they're mistaken if they think Greg K was entertaining during the Skyrim stream.

His mockery was in jest, yours sounds like it isn't, unless I'm misreading you.

Posted by HowDire

I winced at the Star Wars dancing.

Man, Steel Battalion looks awesome.

Posted by SubwayD

4 games, Mr. Lang. 4.

Don't forget lifting that surprisingly similar name pun from a super popular indie JRPG on Steam.

Posted by Phr4nk0

I can honestly say, I am and have been super excited for Steel Battalion since it was announced and just seeing the gameplay sections and hearing about it has just confirmed that it is exactly what I pictured in my head since the very first time I heard about it. Super excited, let's hope they put out a quality experience.

Purposely used experience instead of product, as I'm not sure how great the game part will actually be, but if they double down on what was shown and just make it like that then I will be happy with my purchase.

Posted by Fjordson

The Kasavin impersonation was fucking hilarious.

Not a ton of exciting stuff there, but I'll be damned if I'm not hyped for Halo 4.

Posted by Baal_Sagoth

Oh right. It had been a while since there was one of these on the site. So good, very informative yet entertaining as expected but still a great change of pace to a lot of the more regular GB features. Seems like a pretty exciting event so far. Then again, it's GDC so of course it still has that special, unrivaled vibe.

Posted by MideonNViscera

Halo 4 will surely be the only game I play for 6 months.

Posted by PedanticJase

awesome video I like all the cuts to the dance central dude

Posted by Viking_Funeral

@fisk0 said:

I find it rather odd when they discredit Star Wars games as being for kids. Of course they are - Star Wars always was. Even the original movies were made with kid's toy tie-ins explicitly in mind, and that certainly didn't change with the prequels or animated series. The problem kinda is that the people who saw Star Wars in the 70's probably were kids then, but somehow expect the franchise to have matured with them as it has continued strong in the decades since then.

But the core audience has never been the fans of the 70's movie, it always was kids - which is why George Lucas has no problems with updating the old movies to stay relevant with kids today, rather than staying true to the nostalgia of it's old fans.

As fascinated as I am by you posting something with the direct intent of starting a fight - especially something oh so very barely tangentially related to the video in question - I have to wonder why you care. Are you George Lucas? Do you work for George Lucas? Why are you looking to have this argument, again, for what may well be over the billionth time on the internet.

That's not a made up number. I'm fairly certain that this conversation has been had well over a billion times on the internet.

What do you have interesting or new to add to it that doesn't sound like somebody reading talking points from a memo that George Lucas released over a decade ago in 2002?

Posted by AhmadMetallic

The Xbox bundle uncovering bit was hilarious!

Posted by Vextroid

I haven't watched this yet but god, that thumbnail.