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woah ok

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jeff is like chow yun fat with those mics

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That lighting setup is deplorable. Green and purple?

edit: WRECKETTEAR? Kinectipalism ho!

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Double-fisting microphones like jars before them! Way to go Jeff!

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Jeff, I just realized your haircut is CRAZY.

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Is John Drake ever not dancing?

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I wonder if John Drake hates Dance Central now.

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I'm really wondering what Forza Horizon will be. Probably a more arcadey Forza.

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If you can't make a good Star Wars game using Kinect, you might as well just give up on Kinect. (and give up on Star Wars games as well)

also, lol at Brad mouthing "FUCK"

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Cool. I wish they were doing a Mass Effect 3 marathon, or whatever you want to call it.

Edit: Wait, ha ha, how mad does Brad get when playing games?

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I'm still waiting for John Drake to respond to my offer of having his babies... (being a guy is just a minor  setback, honestly)

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Trials looks amazing!!!!

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...I mean, not that this is showing anything I didn't already know about Forza's future, and I'm not exactly thrilled about annualizing the franchise, but still. FORZA.

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Ahh, the excuse for Flightstick/Track Hat's rise to power.

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This video is boss. Steel Battalion looks Bananas. Star Wars Kinect looks bad bananas. Trials Evolution looks like Super Excitebike. Fable: The Journey has Horse Love. Halo 4 looks Haloer.

Good stuff! Alright, late!

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I love these type of videos. They are so excellently done, and show off Giant Bomb's personality so well, and that's what makes Giant Bomb so great.

I really wish Giant Bomb had a "besties" sort of feature, I would watch the shit out of that.

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Uncanny Kasavin impression.

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Oh man, that was amazing event coverage. Dave Lang's Kasavin impression was perfect.

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Double mic action.

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"Video ga... oh my God"


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this isn't "I love Mondays"...

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I miss these event videos so much. This was glorious

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This video was pretty damn rad from top to bottom. 

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That Greg K impression was incredible.

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Oh god, now I'm too scared to start the video, because it looks like Brad is about to leap out of my screen and bite me head off.

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This is just my favourite video.

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I prefer the event videos like this than a handful of trailers, seeing how much of the stuff might be stuck behind what they can say about it, it's nice to hear some thoughts on the games & event overall.

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Bangin' it, bangin' it, bang-bang-bangin' it.

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Isn't Wrecketter the game where you play as the anime girl and have your own store?

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Brad is staring into my soul...

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Man, more Covenant? That guy who left 343's desire to bring Halo into "radically different ground," or something to that effect, sounded extremely appealing to me because I imagined Master Chief possibly passing through some wormhole or something and finding himself in medieval or modern times. Obviously, that's quite insane, especially for those who are deeply into the Halo universe but my idea would be cuh-razy.

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Hope everything turns out well for Jeff, he does so much for the community.

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Really not sure that I'm okay with the name "Wreckateer". (a) It makes no sense, (b) it's far too close to Recettear.

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Steel Battalion - early, hands-down winner for worst motion controls of 2012 and beyond.

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That video was fucking fantastic.

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are they podcasting all this week? or is it just our regular scheduled bombcast? 

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Nice xbox re-reveal, I loved it.

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Nintendo need to sign Jeff up to reveal their future products. The guy has it !

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I believe in some circles they call what Jeff is doing "The Walrus."

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Also, more John Drake please.

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Great video!

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I love imagining the person who's come to this site for the first time, watches this video, and wonders why it cut to a tiny giraffe for a split second.

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I love when Giant Bomb goes to shows like this. Hilarity always ensues, and the crew is always honest about how they feel about the games they see/play.

Brad: "I can't wait for this game to kick me in the face." Jeff: "I can kick you in the face right now!" lol

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cool video

the Halo environments looked pretty great. Was that rendered on an xbox or something else? anyway it looked really good.

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Wait, isn't Jeff 6"4? How tall is Brad?!

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Holy shit, Trials and Steel Battalion look great. I kind of want a Kinect now.

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whats this, didn't even know this happened.