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Just in time for PAX. 

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Another great video from PAX, looked like a good year. 

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@RockAction said:
"  Another great video from PAX, looked like a good year.  "
Yep, like you totally watched it yet.
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that thumbnail made me chuckle

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The Super Meat Boy gang makes me want to buy the game.  They seem like cool people.

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Welcome to two weeks ago?

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Fowl space looks really awesome

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Awesome stuff all around. Always great to see small developers get exposure like this. And they were all unusually good interviewees, too! Super Meat Boy dude scares me a bit, though...

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Did Greg just call Ryan "Ben"?

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That guy had the ultimate neckbeard

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epic beard

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Thank you so much for your time.

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We need to stop ending videos with lines like " I will find you, and I will cut you"

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...Super Meat Boy, top of my list.

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dat neckbeard.

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@Roomrunner said:
" The Super Meat Boy gang makes me want to buy the game.  They seem like cool people. "
Yeah... cool people that will cut you if you don't buy Altitude.
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@OneManX said:
" ...Super Meat Boy, top of my list. "
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I wanted to see some titties flying.  ;_;

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Very cool stuff. 

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super meatboy sounds like IWBTG game :D.

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Erin was like way to close 
fowl space seems cool though

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I love how baffled Ryan was at Fowl Space.

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that lady is purty

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These are the games I like. Not that they're all up my alley, but the people seem genuinely stoked about their product. Indie is wonderful and I hope it works out for all of them. And, of course... Gregory Kasavin! (Bastion)
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Oh fuck, I have that exact same TV behind Korsgaard.

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I will buy Fowl Space. Cock jokes are always funny.

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good stuff 

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I'm really liking it that the "download era" gives all those indie developers platforms for their games. Times have never been better for this part of the gaming world.

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the dude with the rooster game looks like bruno

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Altitude IS fucking awesome.
Beard guy speaks the truth.

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sweet mother of jeebus, nice stuff, i love good indie games!

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Bastion looks so cool. The concept is really different, the gameplay looks challenging, and the overall polish is on par with Braid.

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@Lab392: That's totally what I heard, but he might have said "man"
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I want a handshake from Ryan Davis.

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Seeing all those dudes makes want to go shave!

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 Ryan shook everyones hands but the lady.
Also, "Heeey Ben?!"    

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Good stuff.

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He has super soft hands. I was surprised as to how soft they were.
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@Pop:  It looks way more like N+, 'cept, far more interesting designs.
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Did Greg just call Ryan Ben?

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Talk about Super Meat Boy... looks like they named it after Danny.

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@ThunderSlash said:
" Did Greg just call Ryan Ben? "
i noticed that too... maybe he was trying to say man?
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Odd timing to be putting this up... just sayin'.

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@Metalideth said:
" That guy had the ultimate neckbeard "

Oh man, it was so terrible. The sight of it made my skin crawl.
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When ever Greg is on.... Im sold!
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Each time I see Greg, I smile. Dude is just that fucking awesome.

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frank chubston will find you, and he will cut you.

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@SparkleMotion said:
" I want a handshake from Ryan Davis. "
I want a hug from Ryan Davis