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this looks so damn awesome

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I love you guys.

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I love the website, and you guys.

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 Keep kicking arse! All hail Giant Bomb!

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This is great.

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loving the site awesome work

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nice, but its weird cuz for some reason i can't upload reasons, so i am stuck with master chief.

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Great stuff guys, really looking good.

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Nice work fellows, really nice work.

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Giant Bomb, bigger, better and more explosive than ever

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Awesome i'm editing the page of my favorite game, Disgaea, right now!

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Looking pretty bomb... sorry, I couldn't resist.

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this site is going to kill. can't wait to start writing and uploading stuff on random forgotten pc adventure games

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i really look forward to seeing this place evolve while its already badass as it is.

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This i a really nice site I love it! It is now my home page.

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CAG, watch out!

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this is mighty :D

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Looks nice! keep it up!

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What is this I'm feeling? These damn butterflies.

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This new version of Giant Bomb is way better than I ever imagined.

Keep up the good work guys

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A bomb of awesomeness.

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so guys tell me what the secret to making such a sexy looking website??? viagra.. maybe.. ?

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Putting some depth ino this website business.

I wonder if the aim here is to be like the Wikipedia of gaming except fucking bat shit crazy.

Hope so.

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How can you forget Playboy X? Maybe his real name is Xavier... and he is a playboy. Thus he recieved the name "Playboy X"?

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Looking very nice! Looking forward to how much potential this site has!

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The bomb lands......the internetz....explodezzz...
And summer is FINALLY here!

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That blew my mind

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agreed. mind thoroughly blown.

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Global domination. go,go,go!!!

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Thats real cool

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<3 you guys

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Great tutorial Jeff.

When i first heard that the site was gonna be fully customizable but i was slightly worried about how it was gonna work out. But the tutorial explains it all and it now looks like a GREAT idea!

TOP work everyone at GB

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Brilliant stuff guys!

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Amazing guys. I think you've just created the "next big thing" or at least a multi-million-dollar start up! ;)

Truly Gobsmacked! :)

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GOOD GOD....YOU ROCK....THIS SITE ROCKS.....LUCHADEER ROCKS.  I need to see some T-Shirts man...I mean like....SOON.

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This site is the definition of awesomeness!

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This is such a bold website concept. Man, you guys are awesome. I have found my new home. *snuggles*

...er, sorry about that.

/"I thought you were one of them zombies"    ;)

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You guys are destroying my keyboard by making my drool all over it. This site is just way too awesome that I can't express it. Or I'm not good enough of a writer to find the right words to reflect how awesome I think the site is.

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Too Awesome

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After watching this video, I have found my new home for video game news.  This is now my new homepage.  Awesome job guys!

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Very nicely done and keep them coming :D

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such a great concept of a site, its hard to believe noone achieved this level of gaming archive before. im very greatful you guys have!.

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Truly awesome stuff. I am amazed at how rad all this is!

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liking the videos, really handy for helping navigate the site! thanx

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Truly amazing stuff. Thanks man this site is awesome!