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Icey Lands ahoy!

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This can only be good

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There better be some rotten shark eating in this.

I was not disappointed. Fantastic video!

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Jeez Patrick, I knew you liked Iceland, but that's a lot of jizz!

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Fuck yeah =D

edit: oh man the sheep head haha

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Based on the screenshot I don't know if I dare to click play.

If GB ever were to do a travel show I would watch it every time. That was super well edited. Great job Drew and Patrick!

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man, i've been to iceland for 2 weeks in april and left 3 days before they arrived. it's so cool to see all the different sights again! reykjavik is not that big, so i think i almost saw everything you can see in the video.

and man! the weather got even narlier! when we left, there was no snow in reykjavik, just snow showers and 20 m/s wind. but the week before that was super bad. even got stuck for 2 days in egilstadir because EVERY god damn road was closed because of snow.

oh and the guys / girls that were dressed alike: graduation celebration! that peaked when we were there. groups of tiggers, monks, vikings, teletubbies, clockwork orange guys, patrick starrs EVERYWHERE

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Only just started but this video is really well produced, great work @drewbert

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Bjork quotes EVERYWHERE. Yep, that's what I expected Iceland to be like.

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Holyshit production value!

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Man where'd you guys get a guy as good as drew.

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Edit: Balder/Baldur is a Norse god, and "gata" means street, if anyone were wondering.

Editedit: Icelandic guy stopping his car to teach you how to eat smalahove was pretty awesome.

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This video was incredible... and then we got to the penis museum, and it became magical.

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I can see Drew's editing spirit animal is a David Lynch.

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Drew you have done a truly amazing job with the editing.

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Drew really likes saying "Patrick" hahah! Also, amazing video! I hope there's more to come!

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That hair.

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That was fantastic! Way to go Drew!

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Lmfao...did that guy really just get out of his fucking car to show them how to eat a head? Fucking Iceland....

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I fucking love this. Amazing editing. Thanks for the work guys.

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Great job Drew! And glad you guys got to have such an amazing experience

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Hahaha that's so cute Patrick doesn't know how to hold cutlery properly.

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"We have to get out of here!!"

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That's some quality content, i wish GB did more of this, at least once per year or something

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That was bloody great.

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Awesome video! Looking forward to the other videos.

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Fantastic editing work by Drew.

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Well than. That was amazing.

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That was great, hope to see more videos like this!

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One of the best videos you've ever done on this site. Absolutely bravo! /highfivetopatrickanddrew!

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See some DSLR quality video in here. Who do you think you are Polygon.com?

But really great video, looked like a lot of fun to be there. Also that Blue Lagoon spa looked amazing.

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This was really well done, the editing was great, great video quality,

anyone know what camera drew used?

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Absolutely fantastic.

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Those were some mighty impressive penises.

Also, the stuff at the museum was pretty cool.

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Good job with the editing Drew!!

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This was awesome. Thanks Drew & Patrick.

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This was really well done, the editing was great, great video quality,

anyone know what camera drew used?

GoPro's and a DSLR, i guess a Rebel T3i (no mark, because of the low light performance)

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" We have to get out of here." made me laugh. Them having a beer in that pool must have been epic.

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So great to see my country from another perspective.

Also: ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: Be in a Giant Bomb video

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Really nice work, Drew. Both on the video and the food.

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This is easily one of the best videos ever uploaded to the site. Wonderful job!

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A hipster in hipster Mecca!

just messin'

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Very refreshing to see a video like this from giant bomb. Two thumbs up!

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"Show me how far you are from the viking"


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So glad I stayed up for this. One of the best vids on this site.

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Fantastic! I hope we get to see a bit more of Fanfest this week, but this was a great video.

Good job guys!