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Posted by fresh2deafbill

interesting stuff

Posted by manathirst

The girl looks pretty and she smiles a lot too.  Big Square Enix game? DQ9 or one of those FF?

Posted by futbol_dude10


Posted by ArbitraryWater

Trogdor is totally on that blackboard!

Posted by MeatSim
All Your Base Are Belong To Us!
Posted by Computerplayer1


...no wait, they were North American...wow that really puts things in perspective.

Posted by breton

Time travel?

Posted by Shawk

Anyone notice how these guys shave?

Seriously... wtf? One dude has some pedo thing going on, the other seemed to do over his lip and forgot to do under his lip and then put the chin strap look to just complete the weirdness..

And I'm pretty sure the taller dude worked or works for 1UP.com
Posted by Guillotine

Japanese vending machines demand respect.

Very interesting interview. I'd like to see more things like this that are out of the norm'.

... I mean

Liking the interview, interesting so I'd want more!

Posted by Cloneslayer

always got to throw in a random moment don't ya

Posted by Sephiroth9997

Yay Mark Macdonald!  Interesting stuff....

Posted by snide

Dude, NARC shit? Awesome

Posted by TomboDemon

i think shes worked in the industry for Over 9000 years!!!!!!!!!

Posted by AURON570

they seem nice

Posted by sofakingcool
Posted by Vinchenzo

Hello pretty Asian lady!

Posted by SpaceInsomniac

Great video.  I love seeing video game business stuff that you'd be unlikely to see on many other gaming sites.

Posted by DJofSparta

Nice interview. Cool to see what Mark MacDonald is doing after 1up.  And I like that Trogdor is on the blackboard.

Posted by nywt

I agree with DJ. I thought Mark had gotten a job at a developer but apparently not. It's is still cool to see what he's been doing since his days at 1UP

Posted by Flushes

Anyone else see the giant Ryan Payton message on the board?

Posted by chililili

I like these guys but I did not like the flamboyantly gay comment, I think that stuff shouldn't be altered as it shows and exposes part of the culture that is ok in japan and makes people over here think about their values and what they think is normal

Posted by TheGTAvaccine

Great video. It's awesome to see how all that works.

Posted by Wright

pretty interesting stuff. and of course...a good ending XD

Posted by Knigge

I'm glad I stuck around to the end. I'll make it a point to bow to my vending machine next time it gives me yummies.

Posted by Driadon
 Agreed 110%. Getting news on other parts of the industry is a great addition to the site. I'd love to see more of it as time permits.
Posted by mrfluke
brad spoke with the gaming jesus mark macdonald

and u get good luck for bowing to a vending machine
Posted by MachoFantastico

Great Interview, nice to see a different area of gaming.

Posted by Schadenfreude

Is there an English website to see what games they've localized?

Posted by Darknaut

That is a serious vending machine. Do want.

Posted by NinjaSquirrel

Great interview. That's really cool of  you guy's to interview a really different side of the industry.
Trogdor lives by Brad's head.

Posted by HazBazz

Lol at All Your Translations Am Belong To US and bowing at vending machine

Posted by FelixLighter

I thought Mark MacDonald was working for Konami.  Was he just helping with localization or did he move on after MGS 4?

Posted by Webby

Ryan Payton on the board!

Posted by kamen24

I think the hot Japanese chick is John's girlfriend. I've seen her on some 1up video specials before. Mark Mac...who is that fool?

Posted by zoozilla

Wow.  You know, whenever I thought of game development localization was the last thing on my mind.

Dude, these guys are important.  Like, really important.

Thanks for the vid.

Posted by GeneralBison

"Milky wuz here"

Posted by musdy

Mark Mcdonald FTW!!

Posted by dezvous

Hmm... looks to me like some of the GiantBomb comments could use some better localization.

"I love giantbomb for making this kind of interviews"

Posted by Systech

lol @ Jeff's bowing at the end.

Posted by CaleShepard

WOW ... I care about this ZERO

Posted by xabhie


Posted by Brackynews

@Flushes: Hahaha, "The best is yet to come" indeed. :)

Posted by Blair

Notice the chalkboard, "all your translations am belonging to us", hahah.

Posted by Ejiku

This is exactly why I love Giant Bomb. Who else does stuff like this?

Posted by artofwar420

Thanks for the localization. And thanks for all the fish.

Posted by Doog
Posted by FLStyle

LOL at Jeff, hillarious.

Mark MacDonald was great on the Kojima Productions Report Podcast, damn you GB bringing back my withdrawl symptons!

The secret project they're doing must be The Last Remnant.

Posted by Bardon

Lol @ the vending machine. Nice.

Posted by ratzombie

Impressive how many games they have worked on for translations.

Posted by Johanz

They mentioned Chaos Wars, if you are enticed to know how horrible the cutscenes might be, click this link and enjoy (or recoil in horror!)


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