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Game looks ace. I really don´t dig the new Sony and Microsoft consoles though, not at all. This has to come to the PC, Wii u or 3DS or it wont come to me...I can always play the classic Castlevanias and Metroids of this world then. One can´t have it all.

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Seems awesome for a lot of reasons, including nostalgic ones. Poll question: how do teenagers respond to this kind of gaming aesthetic?

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@amafi said:

@redhorn said:

"This could be the next Metroid."

But, uhh... it looks like several Metroids ago, not the next one.

It looks like a Metroid fanfiction, not "Metroidvania." Do you think anyone could come up with a stupider name for these kinds of games?

Make the levels semi-random and call them metroguelikes?

This man needs to be listened to.

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Had to get my now-daily Axiom Verge fix by watching this again...

Oh, sweet and agonizing anticipation.

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That looks AWESOME!!

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Man this game looks thrilling. Those boss designs are fucking stellar.

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Chill, people, it's still coming to PC. He said so in a reply on the game's website.

"Yep, it's still coming to PC, just a few months after the PS4/Vita versions (or however fast I can get it out)." - Thomas Happ

Anyway, looks great, can't wait to play it.

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First game that actually makes me want to get a PS4.

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Vita! YES!

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Someone send me a check or money order for a PS4, please. PM me if interested.

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@49th said:

halo rip-off much?

Warhammer 40k rip-off much?

Science-fiction rip-off much?

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This looks fantastic.

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@49th said:

halo rip-off much?

Warhammer 40k rip-off much?

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Looks aight

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This looks pretty awesome obviously, but I'm not a fan of the way they used all those quotes.

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This looks like it might finally be the indie Metroid-style game I've been waiting for. It nails the atmosphere without being too slavish to Metroid and bumps up the grit (the opposite direction Nintendo went with Metroid after Super). I hope the gameplay and level design matches the quality. There's reason to be hopeful based on how superb every aspect shown so far has been.

VERY looking forward to it... but 2015! Argh!

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So glad to be owning a PS4 right now.

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Metroidvania is an understatement. Those look like straight up Metroid graphics.

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This trailer made me excited about this game again. I've been glancing at the dev's website for the last year or two and this is first really nice new thing to come out in a while except a few gifs and screenshots.

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"One of Indiestatik's 100 most anticipated games of 2014".

"Yo none of this chaff is chaff. All wheat, we swear."

Anyway this game looks rad.

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The game looks great. But the gaming press quotes are the absolute worst that "games journalism" has to offer.

"Take my money now"......blech

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So this and Ghost Song are gonna be on a lot of GOTY lists i suppose.

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Looks kinky.

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This made me go listen to the Metroid Prime title screen music

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God, I want it now

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@ildon said:

Apparently he's been working on this by himself since 2010.

Yah if one guy made this entire game by himself then that is really impressive. Move over Phil Fish, there's a new king in town!

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damn that song is so awesome, i need to download it

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@redhorn said:

"This could be the next Metroid."

But, uhh... it looks like several Metroids ago, not the next one.

It looks like a Metroid fanfiction, not "Metroidvania." Do you think anyone could come up with a stupider name for these kinds of games?

Make the levels semi-random and call them metroguelikes?

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Doesn't look anything special to me.

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The hero's sprite looks like Patrick!

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Yeah, looks maybe a little too much like Metroid. But it also looks pretty impressive for one dude having made it.

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No PC? No Purchase

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Hope to be seeing more of this.

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I have dug the metroidvania stuff alot recently, should be fun to say the least

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This really reminds me of Metroid. Good job !

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@starfoxa: Looks like its coming to everything, which is exciting. Sony platforms at the end because presumably sony paid for or at least promoted the trailer. They have done that with other games too, like hyper light drifter.

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nope I won't be buying, the current thing for making pixelated 16bit looking games might be nostalgic but they have this nasty habit of looking like complete arse on my massive tv screen whilst not being that much fun to play either, Mercenary Kings I'm hold you up as an example of this BS trend

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Can't wait to play this on my xbox one

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First I've heard of this—looks nice!

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This is going to cause so many broken controllers/mice/screens/relationships


I'm in

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This is finally coming out? Awesome!!

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The dev is really cool, and the game plays even better than it looks. He's nailed it.

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@bumpton said:

@ironscimitar said:

Sony y'all.

@clapmaster said:

Who do I give my motherfucking money!? Oh wait I don't own a Vita or PS4 fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

@ghost_cat said:

One Sony to rule them all.

Wat? Everything I see says it's coming to 360 and PC as well...

Seems real silly if there's not gonna be a PC version.

Apparently Sony pretty much saved the game:

"So you can understand where I’m coming from when I say that Sony’s Pub Fund was one of the best things ever to happen to me (and to Axiom Verge). I can now work on AV full-time, which has a whole host of benefits, not the least of which being the fact that development is going at light-speed compared to before. And since it’s headed to PS4 and Vita, it’ll be exposed to way, way more gamers than I ever imagined."

I don't think that necessarily rules out a PC version, but if so I imagine that's the reason.

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Welp, this looks fan-fucking-tastic.

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I get this feeling that I'm one of those people who is sick and tired of indie games trying to sell themselves through nostalgia for popular old games.
Try doing something new and exciting, and maybe then I'll be excited. (Not to sound too negative. Visually this game does look pretty cool.)

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Mite b cool

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Damn...it always amazes me how 1-man teams can produce these games. This looks incredible. And the music is sooooo gooood!!!!