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movie reference? Alex? yep :D

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This might actuallt be good.

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She seemed astoundingly like a robot, in the way she was woodenly reading a script.

Oh well, that's probably harsh. This makes me wonder just how much the story will factor in, though. It'd probably serve to have some sort of mode which cuts all that out entirely and just have gameplay.

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This doesn't look terrible.

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Pretty terrible video for what looks like a surprisingly interesting game.

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looks like the first game im gonna get for the wii u

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Jeez lady, could you be reading any harder? Stiff neck'd wench.

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Maybe.. I'll get a Wii U? Maybe.

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Noooo! Not her majesty too!

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say it again, KILLER APP

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Is anyone else surprised by how NOT SHITTY this looks? I'm surprised.

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That lady could not be any more awkward.

Game continues to look promising though.

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I've got a feeling that this game will be the sleeper hit of 2012.

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I heard the controls were a bit clunky in this game... hmm, I will hold my judgment until the game comes out.

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I hope this turns out alright.

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If a Mr. zomBean doesn't make an appearance, it will be a failure as a portrayal of England.

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I wonder if she was reading from a script. I hope so. Imagine having to hold conversation with her if that was how she REALLY spoke!

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oh shit, 2012? THE FUTURE....

anyways, this make actually be a great/good game.

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This game actually looks kinda of interesting... but why does it always look like there is shit all over the camera lens? I want to grab the camera and wipe that crap off!

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I'm looking forward to this one. My expectations aren't real high so would be nice it if comes out and it kicks ass.

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So...Tea will be a power up I presume.

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Zombie Corgi's in Buckingham Palace?

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Alex makes a 28 Days later reference, my day gets better.

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Didn't even know it had a story.

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He is one of the QUEENS doctors.

He has survived deep below BUCKING HAM palace.

This game is set in ENGLAND.


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Lol, that raven at the end takes one bite of zombie flesh and realises he's made a mistake, SQUAASHIT!

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Because it's set in London, I'm interested. If it was set anywhere else, I'd be bored.

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This actually looks really, really cool. Wish this was coming out on PC. I would play the shit out of this.

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The blonde haired chick is looking *just* off camera. It's oddly off-putting.

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This is still pretty much the only Wii U launch title I am remotely interested in. Mite b cool.

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Most hyped launch title i guess.

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Can't I just go to the Winchester and wait for this to all blow over?

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@MonkfishEsq said:

The blonde haired chick is looking *just* off camera. It's oddly off-putting.

Gotta read those script cards!

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@porr: yea that lady sounded like a robot, kinda weird

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Our country reeks of trees.


@BBAlpert said:

If a Mr. zomBean doesn't make an appearance, it will be a failure as a portrayal of England.

That's a good one.