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Posted by MisterMouse

I wonder how well these actually sell.

Posted by NickLott

I prefer my version of the Go Vacation trailer:

Posted by bretthancock

This game was getting pretty good praise on NeoGaf for what it is. I certainly wouldn't mind playing something with my daughter on the Wii besides Sports Resort.

Posted by Scribbly
@NickLott: No one man should have all that vacation.
Posted by wickedsc3

I like the open world aspect of it, and it looks a little better than the other minigame collections.

Posted by Gizmo

I need more Dog-Sled in my life.

Posted by BisonHero

The graphics are surprisingly good for this sort of game.
 But with that many different sports, I have to question the individual quality.

Posted by Xeiphyer

Well, this looks surprisingly good, Some decent animation and looks of fairly high quality. 
I always like the games where you can freely roam around the island or wherever, makes it feel a lot more like a game.

Posted by Shaanyboi

Is it weird that there are aspects of this that make me think "this is what Wii Sports Resort should've been"? 
 I meanWii Sports Resort really was a fine game...  But this kinda looks... alot more interesting.  Add some motion plus gameplay and swordfighting, you have a solid package here...
Posted by DeF

Wow this game has any sports-related game ever conceived in it! I hope they play managed to make them play as well as their Nintendo-made counterparts.

Posted by thatdutchguy

jesus christ

Posted by OllyOxenFree

Man, those beats are FRESH!

Posted by Tan

Hopefully this turns out amazing and all other shovelware minigame collections cease to exist.  
Keep your minigames to mario party nintendo >:0

Posted by aceofspudz

This should help me forget that I haven't had a vacation in two years...

Posted by NakAttack

excuse me, I have been to an island with FUN, it freaked me the hell out.

Posted by Koobz

I'm kind of amazed that I want to try this out. Good for them.

Posted by ThePhantomStranger

I actually want to play this...also I hope the water guns mini game end up being some insane uncharted or gears of war clone...because that would be hysterical.

Posted by Cybexx

Hey you! Get out of here and Go Vacation before I beat you with my Get To Work stick!

Posted by GnsDemon

Goddamnit Nintendo...

Posted by rargy

This actually looks kinda neat. Hope there's a quick look.

Posted by TotalEklypse
@pyromaster222 said:
I wonder how well these actually sell.
Well considering it takes all the brain power of 2 cavemen in a basement to make  Nintendo games at this point.. 
And if those 2 "people" are fed basically bird feed and that bio melting packing peanut stuff. 
Well I would wager they probably only need to sell 10 copies to make it profitable.. so they will just keep shitting them out.
Posted by Draxyle

This actually looks.. modestly good. It certainly puts every other minigame collection to shame, and it's not even officially Nintendo made. It certainly has my attention much more than Wii Sports Resort ever did.
It's really staggering how lazy nearly every other Wii game has been since release. This example here should be the bare minimum to shoot for.

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It actually looks really nice. Cute characters, slick visuals, nice settings. It's just a shame you  know there's probably no content here that will entertain for more than a couple minutes. On the other hand, 100 activities and an open-world island is a pretty big step up for this genre....who knows? This could be the ultimate, and final, minigame compilation on the Wii? The Swan Song, y'know? 
Still, I hope Giant Bomb quick looks some of these:) It's just gonna be a fun video, I'm sure. Maybe Active Life Explorer? XSeed has a Fishing Resort game coming out for Wii that looks similar too. 
It really sucks for the third parties though, who clearly put in more effort and have more talented artists, yet their games don't do half the business of dogsh** starring those insipid Miis.

Posted by RobertOrri

Even if it is a minigame collection, it's the slickest one I've seen to date, with some type of open world sandbox play and persistent features. Also digging the graphics.

Posted by mastrbiggy

I'm kind of digging this song....

Posted by Wonloong

So Japanese. I'm buying this.

Posted by OverlyEquipped

Huh, this game actually looks like well. . . . mostly everything from Nintendo's Mii games (Sports, Resort, etc), and puts it into one huge bundle instead of separate packs. You know what, I'm okay with this.

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"Play as much as you want!" Whoa, that's messed up! They're not going to kick me out?! Not even if I stay, like... FOREVER?! 
And apparently that turtle you touched isn't a great singer. But he's OK.

Posted by moondogg

I've always wanted a game where it was just an island and then you could choose what you wanted to do, like snowboard, skate, skydive, blah blah blah... This isn't that game, I know that... but it gives me hope that one day it might exist. 
That song is hella happy though.
Posted by keris

DUDE! This game has street racing!

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Posted by Jost1

Shovelware PARTY

Posted by DS23
@selbie said:


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Loving the music.

Also, is it me or the framerate just went to shit in the four player split screen? man, you really should keep that out of your trailer...

Posted by Osiris
@bretthancock said:

This game was getting pretty good praise on NeoGaf for what it is. I certainly wouldn't mind playing something with my daughter on the Wii besides Sports Resort.

Same here, seems like a good "fresh" game for me and the kids.
Posted by ItBeStefYo

I can't tell whether the video name is serious or not...

Posted by DarkbeatDK

I like how "Play as much as you want" is a Feature.

Posted by Dark_Lord_Spam

It's gotten to the point where I just silently stare at my Wii from across the room. She complains that we only ever interact twice a year, but that bitch knows what she did to me.

Posted by YukoAsho

I love how all the places are "Kawaii [insert generic place name here]"  They're not even trying.

Posted by beckley205

Mii's with arms? That's blasphemy

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Why couldn't this tropical island get overrun by zombies instead.