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Posted by Goldanas

I think that voice actor is pushing it a little too hard

Posted by lantus

Shame they didn't show any big set pieces like they did when they debuted God of War II. Still one of my most anticipated games next year. :

Posted by MooseHead

The teaser was kind of lame. It shows so little about the game but flashes God of War III for the the same length of the actual footage. Just good to know that the game is still happening.

Posted by ImperiousRix

Man, it's times like this I'm sad this is a PS3 exclusive.

Posted by welly

Coolio....i guess

Posted by Death_Burnout

T.C Carson never pushes it too hard, friend...ok i kinda agree with you there, but just this once!

Posted by ScottEFresh

Don't be sad Rix...it's the only console capable of producing such a game.

Posted by ArbitraryWater

Still not excited about God of War: Check.

Posted by JackiJinx

Everything must come to an end? That implying the series? Ehy?

Posted by Geno

Is this seriously the graphics that Jaffe was talking about? It looks like it's on PS2.

Posted by MordeaniisChaos

"Don't be sad Rix...it's the only console capable of producing such a game." Get over your damn console ya fanboy. I think its funny considering this isn't even impressive looking, because its old.

I'm really dissapointed, I was waiting for weeks to see this, and thats what we get? A bad trailer with old build footage that ended up being about 3 seconds long? About as useless as the damn trailer, and I am really gunna be upset if it takes as long between media releases this time. Why is Sony pushing the hype button so excessively on fucking GoW 3??? ITS GOD OF WAR, take the route Blizzard took with Diablo 3. Keep it secret, announce it suddenly and violently, and put out an awesome cinematic trailer that actually means something+20 minutes of awesome dev commentated gameplay. We are already excited, so now you need to make us effing HAPPY about it, not bored/frustrated.

ALSO! I wanna make this clear, this is OLD stuff, its not the current build, and Jaffe ALREADY said that the new stuff looks better. I'm just wondering why the hell they would put our such a horrid trailer, and then no information, no other media to follow.

And don't call me an Xbot. I don't discriminate, except against the Wii, because I believe its anti gamer and is ruining the market, I am for 360, PS3, and PC and what ever else. I just hate FANBOYS >.<

Posted by Junpei

Personally, I don't care for GoW, but I can understand what people see in it and why they enjoy it. Agreed the trailer is pretty crappy, but I'm curious to see how much the game being exclusive may help Sony since there are so many fans who have already clamored over the first two games in the series.

Posted by TwoOneFive

wow even though thats not the best lookin trailer, its far beyond what it looked like on ps2

Posted by Nogert

OMFG the voice actor sound ridiculous.

Posted by darkjester74

LOL @ the voice acting. 

Posted by slowpantz

a must buy

Posted by TinoXtreme

I'm glad this is only an alpha build of the game, or I would be really disappointed about the graphics. Other than that, the teaser trailer wasn't the best quality of content either.

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Posted by dsplayer1010

I still need to play the first two

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Posted by get2sammyb

For those saying it looks like a PS2 game: download from the US Playstation Store and watch in HD then come back to me.

Having said that, it wasn't particularly spectacular and presumably was an old build. They probably would have done better not putting this out actually.

Posted by Seram

I think the only thing that needs to come to an end is that guy's voice acting career.

Posted by ScottEFresh
Posted by Duckbutter

i don't understand why they're happy to show old stuff from back when they first startin workin on it in 1920. doesn't take a psychic Jamaican brain surgeon to know its gonna be a turn off for alotta people that don'tknw its a 10% build. why do they do it? . Motorstorm 2 peeps put out a demo of a 50% build. then of course most people are gonna say out loud "this game is a shitstorm of bad graphical fuckery" so why do they do it?

Posted by studnoth1n

perhaps this trailer isn't the best representation of what the "god of war" series in it's totality, but i still don't get the popularity.  gameplay mechanics aside, everthing about these games looks contrived and played out.  "god of war" has, and will most likely continue to look like the work of someone who had a feigning interest in greek mythology, but only enough to coincide with their ipod structured brain; which for the sake of argument, probably had slipknot on loop during the entire creative process.  it's a shame that so many buy into such a cliche balderdash of gaming.

Posted by natetodamax

Another story of nothing but vengence on another God? This game will most likely fail.

Posted by DemonicPoetGamer

Btw everyone. This is not the trailer Jaffe was so fucking psyched for. This in his words is an earlier video. The video he saw won't be out for a awhile. So stop criticizing a 20 sec vid. Just embrace it. Wait for the new kickass one. In my opinion the graphics are a work in progress. The gameplay looks kickass. The weapons are kickass. Look how many soldiers he takes on! They are atleat 3X the amount of the last game. The wall climbing looks awesome too. Even the soliders/cyclopes are lookin better. With the ps3 they will take this series to the top. Wether or not this is the last game. THIS WILL BE THE ULTIMATE GOD OF WAR!

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If Sony can show Jaffe a much better looking video of where GOW3 stands right now then my question is how hard is it to show that exact same footage to the public? Seems to me it would be pretty simple. The real question is why are Sony  starting to ramp up the hype machine when the game won't be out until early 2010 (my best guess based on the PS2's GOW release dates).

Sony must not have too much faith in it's upcoming 2009 games if it needs to showcase God of War 3 this early to keep people interested in the PS3. Since  Gran Turismo 5 isn't coming out in 2009, looks like Killzone 2 will have to be the one exclusive to keep PS3 owners happy until 2010 unless Infamous comes out (whenever the hell that is). Could be a very poor year for exclusives on Sony's console masterpiece.

Posted by RedSox8933

nice network reference on the front page giant bomb.

Posted by Media_Master

that was short, nice gloves!

Posted by DemonicPoetGamer
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Why is Sony, pushing the hype button on God of War?  A button that does not need to be pushed.

Because Sony has no i-fucking-dea, what they are doing anymore.  They have lost their way and are grasping at ANYTHING to trying to regain the footing they've lost.  And will NEVER get back again (Sega).  

It's a shame too, but that's how it goes every... single... time you place greedy business decision over your customers.   You lose customers and are left with nothing but, bad business decisions, bad sales, and nothing but debt (Sega).
Posted by Lieutenant

it looks good, but i was expecting killzone 2 type graphics. just because of their track record and seeing what they did with the ps2

Posted by Geno

Anyone else think this game looks only marginally better than the PS2 ones?

Posted by sofakingcool

Not impressive! The graphics were decent at best the voice acting was ridiculous... wow sony you really should have waited to show this game until you had something worth showing!

Posted by domen

Very surprised that, at least in my opinion, Uncharted 2 stole God of War 3's thunder; as far as this trailer is concerned. I am stoked to see more of God of War 3, however. Perhaps a little further into the development?

Posted by Enigma2099

Well, that was short.

And even the PSP God of War was impressive , you idiots.