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Posted by Quadrifoglio

Boom! Looks good.

Posted by oldenglishC

That battle system looks almost Grandia like. My interest is rising.

Posted by vikingdeath1

I was worried this was just a pretty face with no gameplay, but i'm on board now.

Edited by weegieanawrench

Sweet, I will totally get this on PC, looks beautiful. I like how it takes the message mechanic from the Souls series, as well as your "navi" companion having gameplay significance.

Edited by jimmyfenix

I hope this does not get delayed!!

Edited by Abendlaender

I like what Ubisoft is doing here.

Posted by McLargepants

Looks stunning, I'm way into it!

Edited by Tesla

It's not often that one video takes me from not being aware that a game exists to knowing that I will buy it when it comes out. Good stuff, but I can't help but think that some high quality voice acting would really bring this to life.

Posted by sarahnizzle

Dat Grandia 2 based battle system, which was fantastic.

Loving the ethereal quality of the visuals.

Edited by deltaalphabravo

Sadly I lost all interest once the turn based fighting started. However nonetheless; this game does look beautiful.

Posted by MichaelBach

Looks pretty amazing

Posted by SneakyPenguins

The fighting looks interesting

Posted by Swick

Urge to play rising.

Posted by Fueyfu

This looks beautiful, can't wait to play this.

Edited by Aviar

I really like the art style of this game. This looks pretty damn good.

Edited by Spiritof

Sooooooooooooooooooooo hipster.

Posted by Sydlanel

Really? the lead programmer lady is called Brianna Code? How awesome is that!?

Posted by apoloimagod


Posted by Vanick

This looks beautiful! It looks kind of like an animated story book and there seems do be some depth to the rpg elements.

Posted by Miyuki

This looks good.

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I really want to give this game a try, I really like the art style, and feels like a nice "casual Sunday" kind of game.

Posted by AlmightyBoob

Looks incredible

Posted by Luddite
@spiritof said:

Sooooooooooooooooooooo hipster.

Does anyone even know what that means anymore?

Edited by WaywardGamer

@luddite: It's a catch-all replacement for what used to just be 'pretentious'. Nowadays we can give people a real noun rather than some silly old adjective. Unfortunately, calling out the usage of hipster doesn't do much good. People will always find a way to dismiss rather than engage. One of the two is much easier than the other to accomplish, as always.

Although if we're talking about the game, and if I'm being honest, I'm quite wary of it. For me personally, Far Cry 3 was hard to enjoy, and the writing's struggle to marry itself to the gameplay meaningfully was so apparent while playing the game that it really put me off their prize horse writer. The guy spent far too much of his time attempting to wring meaning out of his story before he spent enough time crafting a good story. That's my short spit-take on it anyway.

Posted by yyZiggurat

The art looks great.

@luddite said:
@spiritof said:

Sooooooooooooooooooooo hipster.

Does anyone even know what that means anymore?

No. No, they don't.

Edited by Strathy

Looks pretty... However my concern is that the smooth flow of the platforming levels will be stilted by switching suddenly to that slow hard-RPG combat mode all the time. Also the demo shows avoiding enemies through platforming and use of the second character mechanic, but wouldn't this then gimp your character on the RPG end?

The two arbitrarily dissonant game modes almost suggest to me that this either used to be a straight action platformer (like other ubi-art engine games) and the turn based combat has been hacked in for some reason; or it's a vestigial gameplay mechanic that's been misguidedly clung on to from when the world traversal took a simpler form. But I'm already going down a speculative hole at this stage.

TLDR: Game looks pretty, but I'm leaving the koolaid on the table for the present.

Edited by DedBeet

Very pretty. Not sure that combat system is for me though.

Posted by Hunter5024

I feel like I should be super interested in this game, but I'm really not.

Edited by cloudyimpulse

That battle system looks almost Grandia like. My interest is rising.

Yup... was just about to say the same thing. I'm in!

Posted by Conciliator

seems bitchin. can't wait.

Posted by Conciliator

seems bitchin. can't wait.

also is her surname Code? it was cool when we were named after our profession, we should go back to that.

Posted by Lydian_Sel

Looks terrific! Really interesting to see this when it comes out.

Posted by JackSukeru

I've gone from curious to interested, so that's good.

Posted by Reisz

Gorgeous and bloody adorable. Looking forward to it.

Posted by BadNews

I was down as soon as a saw the cute girl holding a giant sword she sometimes has trouble handling. Totes cute.

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@sydlanel said:

Really? the lead programmer lady is called Brianna Code? How awesome is that!?

I had a science teacher in seventh grade by the name of Mr. Laser.

Posted by GiantAlston

Great looking game! I'm interested in playing!

Edited by Slag

Boy I hope this game sells well. I like how much of a unique vision it seems to have.

Posted by berterbertez

@conciliator: She just proves that Brad would make a good cobbler.

Posted by Robaota

I can get behind a Grandia system, which was weirdly brought to Europe by Ubisoft.

Posted by kierangohil

Really like the look of this, i hope it sells well as i'd love to see the talented Ubi Devs working on more smaller scale stuff like this

Posted by Wonloong

This looks really good!

Posted by Accolade

Im all for it.

Posted by Kain55

I did not know this game existed. Now I must have it. Gorgeous and the gameplay looks intriguing.

Posted by ipaqi

That battle system looks like Grandia, but I don't like the change they made to the interrupt system.

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