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Posted By PLN

I'm not really a fan of this kind of games but this somehow interested me. I liked the graphics and prohibited "mouth" Harkyna: D Happy to convince how the game looks :D

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Posted By Aresso

For me all games have own story, own character. Maybe developers got inspiration in another game but I believe he doon't want to do this same game. I allways repeat all new games is worth our attention if we love this kind of games.

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Posted By ki11tank

innocent until proven guilty but this looks like you could re-skin it with a dozen other games and have almost the same thing. i understand that's part of the business, but this looks too similar to games we've already seen to be a slam dunk imo.

small area, smaller amount of enemies, tired story, rinse repeat???

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Posted By JCGamer

I don't know. It sort of reminds me of Infinity Blade, and not in a good way.

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That boss is pretty nimble for a big guy...he looks like a ballerina.

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We see only pre-alpha gameplay version so we can expect when game will be finish all combat be harder. Lords of the Fallen is action-RPG so is a little different than another RPG game.

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This doesn't really look like my style of RPG (I prefer a bit less linearity and more RPG elements and character customization), but I'll probably give it a shot if the PC version works fine.

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dat fat roll + swapping to 2hand + dudes hiding behind corners to ambush you

i would be lying if i didnt say i got some dark souls vibes watching this

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Posted By OurSin_360

Judging from this, it looks like dark souls, if dark souls was easy and only had one on one combat with enemies that only had 1 attack that go down in a few hits.

If the enemies are that easy, there is no point in it being one on one. Graphics look pretty good though

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It's Dark Souls but with more pretty things and... ugh... The similarities between this and Dark Souls are worrisome and the choice of differences probably even more so. I'll keep an eye out, but I have a feeling this game will disappoint.

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Posted By Jimbo

Witcher 2 guy makes a game with combat which looks like it came straight from Witcher 2. He must be ripping off Dark Souls.

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Eh, looks alright. I'll probably toss it onto my wishlist and buy it when it's ~$30. It's clearly a Dark Souls + Warcraft clone, but I don't really care if they do a good job with the final release.

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Looks rad

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Posted By Rocospi

Oh man, I actually fell asleep watching that.

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Posted By Aresso

This gameplay shows us pre-alpha game so I believe developers work a little about aspects which we took and game will be progress to be perfect.

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Enemy design looks decent if not a little uninspired. Hero design isn't really doing it for me. Dude has the Gears of War disease. Otherwise I'm interested, if by nothing more than a new next-gen IP and the design lead's pedigree. The Witcher 2 was awesome.

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Posted By Butano

Definitely getting Witcher 2 with Warhammer from this game, with a tad of Demon/Dark Souls. Looks pretty rad. Probably will get it on PC.

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Looks interesting, will keep an eye out for when the game nears release.

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@armaan8014 said:

Looks VERY similar to the Witcher 2, especially the HUD. Sounds interesting though.

Also, the narrator talked funny.

I had trouble placing the accent, but evidently it's Polish. Tomasz Gop was a senior producer on Witcher 2, which would also explain the influence.

Ah! That makes sense :) Witcher 2's influence could only mean good things too :D

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Posted By avantegardener

Consider my Interest peaked.

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Posted By Viking_Funeral

So the next Kingdoms of Amalur?

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Looks pretty, but those sound effects are distractingly bad...

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@cikame said:

Why would they make two very similar 3rd person action LOTR games at exactly the same time?

Monolith seems to be making the more interesting game, but for people who arn't aware won't they confuse them? If this game is too generic and pushes people away, won't the other game suffer?

This isn't a LotR game.

If you just mean a similarity in names, then I would like to assume a Lord of the Rings fan would know "Lords of the Fallen" is not "Lord of the Rings." And, that game being made by Monolith doesn't even have "Lord of the Rings" in the title.

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Is this UE4-based?

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I don't think the Dark Souls similarities do it any favors when the parts that aren't like Dark Souls, for instance the character designs, resemble generic western macho fantasy stuff like Darksiders/Kingdoms of Amalur. Could be cool, though. Guess we'll see when it's out.

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Posted By iamian

I don't love the enemy designs, but I'll get over it because everything else looks to be pretty awesome. Looking forward to it.

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Something about the audio in the game seems very disconnected from what's on screen, I wanna say it feels like poor foley work cause the daggers slicing a guy are making sounds of a bag of beans being wiped, sounds weird. This extends to everything else in the game including the sound alongside the green glowing thing and the sounds the Boss makes. Maybe these will get another pass as the game gets further in development.

The gameplay and visuals look fun and enjoyable, I look forward to checking it out!

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Posted By mdmac92

Looked incredible, and the story sounded somewhat interesting, but the combat mechanics looked completely run-of-the-mill and boring. Not interested.

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Posted By McDunkin

Wow there is a lot of negativity in here. I thought that looked pretty promising.

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Posted By Bholla71085

I'm really digging this.

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Posted By Example1013

I hate that this is what the console ARPG genre has devolved to.

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Posted By PappaFost

I love how the boss gets all graceful like a ballerina at the end

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he kind of plowed through that boss... dark souls without the "soul?"

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Nice bewteen this Bound by Flame and The Witcher 3. I feel like this is my year.

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Posted By HerbieBug

It looks generic. The combat and especially the movement animations associated are kind of approaching Soul Calibur flashy but not quite. I think they need to go more in one particular direction. Do you want your combat fantastic almost cartoony flashy or are you striving for some sort of visceral realism?

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Looks pretty cool. I'm pumped that there are going to be a bunch of new rpgs coming out this year!

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Posted By TheMasterDS

Unimpressed. Looked slow and tedious.