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Posted by cronox2

Cool, Quick Looks for each Platform Winner?

Posted by c_rakestraw

Quick Look, eh? Nice.

Posted by harrypmgaga

Nice, Platform Winner stuff. :D 

Posted by Legend

This is a great idea.

Posted by Ozzie

Nice =D

Posted by Griddler

First video of 2010 yo!

Posted by sandwich_adjustment

woah trip out! hhuuhuhuh green pipes

Posted by Blair

A DS Quick Look... 2010 is truly making itself known.

Posted by Mezmero

Insanity in the palms of your hands.  Sweet ass DS QL (not be confused with XL) to kick in the new year for the internet.  Awesome video giantbomb keep em coming to make your mark over the 2009 plateau of gaming.  Dominate 2010 as well.
Posted by Marconi88

Great choice. Also are you guys going to do DS quick looks in 2010?

Posted by Vitefish

I just wished that this was in the Quick Look section instead of the features section.

Posted by megalowho

Love this format for GOTY awards. Unfortunately I have a lot of issues with the game.. like the Bowser stuff, hate the Mario stuff. It's not my pick, but to each his own.

Posted by MeatSim

This is a sign of lots of Quick Looks in 2010.

Posted by mrfluke

2010 the year we finally get ds quicklooks

Posted by JackiJinx

Oh, man. The game does look good and I do want it now. Stop making me want to spend money!

Posted by smudo

Woo! I love this game!

Posted by RedSox8933

I love this game so much. Definately on my top ten.
And finally a DS quick look!

Posted by Amatsu

This game actually looks pretty damn good. Maybe do more of these DS/handheld quick looks in the future, please? I find a lot of the time that I don't get an opportunity to pay attention to the handhelds since keeping up w/ the games on consoles is a beast unto itself.   
Maybe it would call more attention to games I'm not aware of that are worth the buy.    

Posted by Davey

Is that cell-shading on Bowser, or just really good 2D?

Posted by Father_Vice

the QL idea is solid

Posted by Picksnapper

Once again GiantBomb shows it awesomeness! Announcing platform awards through QLs. Brilliant.
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Posted by 13p

I guess I'm going to get this after all.

Posted by demontium
@13p said:
" I guess I'm going to get this after all. "
Its really good.
Posted by Red

Holy crap. Just realized this is the first DS quick look.

Posted by Death_Burnout

Oh..thats why its called inside story...that really is an internal affair.
And i now know this game is worth my time! i had no idea what to expect before, didnt read the review either shame on me, the power of the quick look!

Posted by ShaunassNZ

Hey that might have been THE big improvement videos on the website, DS Quicklooks! Like they said in the all e-mail bombcast.

Posted by Media_Master

Looks like a fun game!

Posted by GamerGeek360

This is yet another reason I regret selling my DS a while ago.

Posted by IceTrey87

Could be wrong but couldn't you kill thwomps in Super Mario 3 with the hammer suit and in Mario 64 with a butt stomp from above?
Posted by vr00m

Paper Mario Sticker Star ql brought me here.