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Edited by lukeyk

Interesting wanted to see more some gameplay of this. 
Edit:I know its childish but First! 
Posted by OmnomnomPancake

Interesting choice.

Posted by AjayRaz

w00t silent hill ftw

Posted by Glassjawd

Well deserved

Posted by NintenDood
Posted by Legend

Another SH: SM quick look!

Posted by cronox2

Lol at Brad completely not recognizing he went all the way back.

Posted by sandwich_adjustment

want more games like this

Edited by gbrading

Yes! Another look at Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. I'm very pleased, since I've never previously been interested in Silent Hill, but this game is distinctly intriguing.
Posted by Konanda

Brad totally has no sense of direction. Good thing they didn't do the chase sequence at the high school, I remember that being the most confusing one of them all.
Posted by MeatSim

Oh the atmosphere in this game, so good.

Posted by StrikerTheLizard

<3 Giant Bomb.

Posted by wwfundertaker

Need to get this.

Posted by DiegoBitterman

I had to log in just once to say Kudos Jeff on the twin peaks reference.

Posted by DiegoBitterman

Additional: Giantbomb team!? your favourite gum is going to come back in style.(Awkwardly long pauses between each word).

Posted by Teaspoon83

Anybody else scream at the monitor of your choice when you saw him make the U Turn back. I did.  Awesome game.

Posted by Donkeysraliens

Brad sees a red door and he wants to paint it black.... actually, i suppose its the other way around on this occasion...

Posted by RedSox8933

I've already seen this...GOSH.

Posted by Meltac

Yeees, more Silent Hill QL

Posted by orshick

Okay I've heard way too many references to games being "Lynchian" here lately. this game is not at all "Lynchian."

Posted by Skillface

Finished this game last night. Oh my God. Incredible.
Perfect choice guys. Ending is worth it alone.

Posted by Baggykins

Weird that the noclipping through door deserved no comment...

Posted by CashBailey

Nice to see they included 'Stripper Cop'  from that terrible movie.
And those bits where the characters talk down the barrel of the camera remind me a lot of the old Amiga classic IT CAME FROM THE DESERT.

Posted by Bruce

Everyone that has no intention on playing this game, go read the Wiki plot explanation; it's truly bizarre.  

Posted by Shibbles

A second Quick Look of Shattered Memories? Yes, please.

Posted by MmmSkyscraper

Loved this based on the first QL, glad it got the award.

Posted by dagas

I want this game, but I don't have a Wii. It's coming out in PS2 soon, I wonder if it will be a good port.

Posted by Nets

This game looks awesome I may have to pick it up. I haven't bought a Wii game since SSBB anyways.
Posted by SaucySala

This game really makes me want a Wii.

Posted by LiK

i have no interest in playing this game but i would love to watch an endurance run. do it Brad!

Edited by Death_Burnout

even though i would be terrified (running away from things is somehow my biggest fear with this genre) i so wanna play it, especially if its monitoring all i do and all i feel, and twisting that around to get me.
I so so want an Endurance Run of this now...like, i can never play it if im a little tense during a video, no chance. It makes a good ER. Both QL's (if you can call this a QL, ya can) are really good

Posted by Vrock

Damn! I won't be able to play this game despite the fact that I own Wii. Always wanted to begin my relationships with the series. Seems very appealing.

Posted by BloodRavyne

WTF?! Silent Hill gets Best Wii game of 09? I would have to disagree and say NSMBWii should have got it.

Posted by skippyscissors

This is different then my playthrough, and it is really freaking me out!!!

Posted by Coolarman

"Gonna Hump you to death" 

Posted by scarace360

Wow he turned around in like 5 times

Posted by Father_Vice

keys open doors!

Posted by CaptainTightPants

I feel like playing manhunt now, no idea why =]

Posted by Kraznor

This is a great pick for Best Wii game. Beat it once, may buy it sometime so I can play through it a few more times. Definitely seems to change things up quite drastically. The lady cop looked nothing like that in my playthrough and that dead Grizzly Bear was definitely not around.

Posted by kuddles
A Boy And His Blob would have been my choice, but I haven't played this one yet.
Posted by Chaossebba

saw brad make that unfortunate turn back and went "NO BLAST IT."

Posted by TheLawnWrangler

funny part is that staring that the booze does correspond to something else later in the game lol

Edited by EasyPeasey

brad and ryan Stamina Sprint silent hill shattered memories. how awesome would that be
EDIT: maybe not ryan, he got way too freaked out during that video.

Posted by Crushed

Someone told me that if  you use the look-back button when there's an enemy close enough behind you, Harry will actually pick up the pace and speed up for a few seconds, even when he's limping.

Posted by EthanielRain

Blad!  I vant to see your Endurance Run!

Posted by MetalGearSunny

This game looks pretty awesome.

Posted by CharkeeFarlee

r.i.p brad D:

Edited by Crushed

Woah. Comparing my two playthroughs to this video:  

-I never found the fishing shack, (I just went through the tunnel each time... and never noticed the weed graffiti)
-Both times Harry and the couple in the house's conversation went less... crazy, with the man opening the door before Harry knocks, and Harry being less angry. 
-I got the "Law and Order SVU" looking cop (the "mom" cop Brad mentioned) both times, each time with a helpful personality (there's apparently a third serious-looking version, and her personality can range from helpful to angry, but completely independent of her appearance).
-She never talked about her father during the drive, though each time the conversation was slightly different, commenting on how much I was moving around or fiddling with things.
-Harry himself responded to her help in different ways (muttering "damn cops" the first time, appreciation the second).
-The dead bear wasn't gutted but stuffed and mounted in a clean room full of hunting trophies.
-The text messages, voicemails, and phone conversations I got were slightly different.

Posted by Bubahula

this game looks really awesome and smart

Posted by AV_Gamer

This game looks pretty immersive. Now this is what the Nintendo Wii should be about. Defintely one of their best games.

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