Posted by skrutop

Interesting choice.  SC was also one of my favorites of 2009.

Posted by mrfluke

im not surprised games great

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Wow! The winner is an XBLA game; that's CRAAAZY.

Posted by dhuff

Loved it.  Even better than Bionic Commando Rearmed.  And Bionic Commando is awesome.

Posted by binqer

I don't know whether to be disappointed in the X-Box for having an XBLA title win GOTY, or if I should be proud of Shadow Complex for being so damned awesome.  I'm leaning towards the latter....

Posted by Dany

Hmm, that is surprising, it is an original and unlike other exclusives it was not a iterative sequel. I think that is why they chose it.

Posted by NukeGoBoom

" I would like to see more of this sorta competetive leaderboard achievement sorta things"
Have you heard of this litle indie thing called Facebook?

Posted by Mrnitropb

Hell I'll buy that for $1(5)

Posted by sandwich_adjustment

f yeah

Posted by Luke

Wow, out of left field.  This was a great game! 
This game was number 11 on my Top 10 of 2009 :p 

Posted by OmnomnomPancake

Yep, that was on my best of '09. Wasn't ahead of ODST, but a good choice nonetheless!

Posted by JJOR64

I need to get this game now.

Posted by Adziboy

Don't suppose it's coming to PC?

Posted by RedSox8933

Whoa, I'm a little surprised. I probably would have picked Batman or Modern Warfare 2.

Posted by JJOR64
@RedSox8933 said:
" Whoa, I'm a little surprised. I probably would have picked Batman or Modern Warfare 2. "
Those are multiplatform games.
Posted by RisingRaiden
@RedSox8933 said:
" Whoa, I'm a little surprised. I probably would have picked Batman or Modern Warfare 2. "
This is best Xbox 360 ONLY game
Posted by Kajaah117
@RedSox8933 said:
" Whoa, I'm a little surprised. I probably would have picked Batman or Modern Warfare 2. "
That's why I really appreciate that they chose to call the category "Best 360-only game." I'm sick of seeing media outlets award Modern Warfare 2 best 360 game of the year. Their should be platform-specific categories that award platform-exclusive titles and a multi-platform category to award game like Batman: Arkham Asylum and Modern Warfare 2.  
So far, from what I've seen at least, Giant Bomb is the only outlet to get that right.
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@JJOR64: @RisingRaiden: @Kajaah117: My bad, guys. Thanks for correcting me.
Now that I think about it, I do think that Shadow Complex is a good choice, but I probably would have chose Forza 3.
Posted by Atilac

The mechs were ripped off from ghost in the shell...

Posted by carlthenimrod

This is my personal GOTY of 2009. I just hope they make some kind of a sequel at some point.

Posted by Swoxx

Forza or ODST would've been mine, truthfully, i didnt even finish this game

Posted by wrecks

Perfect. The game defines everything that is great about this new age of downloadable games.

Posted by Death_Burnout

This made me really wanna play shadow complex again.

Posted by Addfwyn

I want a 360 just to play this game, but it's not exactly worth buying an entire console for.  Need to kidnap my brother's 360 next time he visits :P

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Jeff is level 50 and doesn't have the fusion helmet? That's insane.
Oh wait, I think you have to go collect it even if you beat the game with it?

Posted by Nemesis

Shadow Complex was better than most of the games released this year, and it was a downoadable game! Epic pretty much embarrassed 90% of the games that came out this year with Shadow Complex. Much deserved.

Posted by Sharpshooter

Shadow  Complex? Well isn't that interesting. I never would have thought that an arcade game would have been the choice.  But it is a really good game.
Posted by UnsolvedParadox

I'd argue that it was Forza Motorsport 3, but Shadow Complex is pretty awesome. I'm gonna go back, almost at level 40...

Posted by squidracerX

i hope they bring this to Steam! But it seems like the 360 is hoarding its exclusives from us PC gamers lately :(

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Yea weird having a downloadable game as best 360 game but their weren't any other big exclusives this year or any games that matched the quality of Shadow Complex.

Posted by MjHealy

Man I love this game. Great choice lads.

Posted by Senate4242

Great game. This or Forza 3 would have been my pick.

Posted by Plipster

Really? Shadow Complex? Really?

Posted by AV_Gamer

I love Super Metroid and this game reminds me of Super Metroid.  I hope they bring it to Steam.

Posted by nStruct

I could not possibly agree more with this choice.

Posted by CrashTanuki

This game was a bit too buggy for me to really consider over something like Splosion Man.

Posted by Media_Master

So nice!!

Posted by Reff888

Got this for 560 points 
Its amazing! 
The shooting is a little hit and miss but besides from that its brilliant!
Get before this week is up!!!!