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woo first one! awesome trailer cant wait for  this dlc!

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I'm really hoping Rockstar has additional suprises/gameplay additions for this expansion. I noticed in the trailer what looked like an automatic shotgun and arm wrestling, that would be cool.

Posted by necrophite

i'm surprised nobodys mentioned the powerslide! that would be an awesome gameplay feature imo imagine powersliding whilst unloadoading all your auto-shotgun rounds into some dude ;p little unrealistic and kinda john-woo like but still gta4 could do with alittle over-the-topness tbh

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i wish this come out on the ps3 as well..but, oh well. im interested to see what Niko's role in this game will be, i just hope he doesn't get whacked by one of the Lost boys, that would be fu**ed up

Posted by MeatSim

This will get me back into GTA 4 for sure.

Posted by demonbear

Sepultura for the win!

Posted by darkjester74

Any reason to believe this might make it to the PC version?

Posted by gripman

I'm definitely getting that DLC. The arm wrestling was probably a part of a cutscene, not gameplay, but who knows.

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The trailer looks kinda cool, but then I have to remind myself, I had to force myself to finish GTAIV. I'm not paying more money just to not have fun playing it after a few missions.

The only way I would consider it is if they make me do something other than the same shit EVERY mission.

Posted by HatKing

I saw an grenade launcher I think and sawed off shotty...not sure if the sawn off was in GTAIV originally or not.  Either way looking forward to this, hopefully we'll get a bunch of extras like new weapons, vehicles and buildings.

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"Any reason to believe this might make it to the PC version?"

Its possible, but unlikely considering the bad job they did on the port.

Posted by Sharpshooter

ooooooooo looks nice...................but I bought the PS3 version so I guess I (like many of my peers) feel very left out (I could use harsher words but out of respect I wont)

Posted by JJOR64

So you don't play as Niko now?

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It's too serious, they are trying too hard.  Billy and Johny?  Give pain the finger?  Drink what you gotta drink, kill what you gotta kill?  That is awful.

Posted by DorianBlack

The voice acting seems kind of off. And I hate bikers and hated anytime I had to deal with them in the actual GTA4.

Posted by MrKlorox

Motorcycle melee combat finally. I don't need a dedicated Road Rash if it's done properly in GTA.

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Sons of Anarchy FTW. Hellz Yeah. Good times...good times.

Posted by dvorak

This looks like Sons of Anarchy, the game, and there's nothing wrong with that. Although a rebel MC doesn't really make sense in a big city.

Posted by slowpantz

looks like a whole game, very cool

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Ah! So glad I bought the 360 version instead of the PS3 one, this is looking great.

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I can not fucking wait!

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This is totally awesome. I am pumped.BROTHERhood.

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Bikers suck!

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Looks pretty good, and vastly different from the main story mode! 
I'm in!

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If you have to kill NIko, that'd be warped.

Posted by gullbot

is this sucker a temporary exclusive for 360 or permanent, do we ps3 owners get it eventually like with bio-shock?