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Posted by LAMP

Avatars are officially creepy.

Posted by Oy

You guys didn't get your own trailer!? Oh man that is not cool.  Not cool.

Posted by Khuntley

That lip articulation is amazing.

Posted by JoeMarsden

As long as I get my bionic arm from the avatar store, and as long as it works in-game...nobody will get hurt.

Posted by Bubahula

its really weird how his mouth doesnt move when he sings

Posted by joslop500

Awesome. Looking forward to this.

Posted by RipTheVeins

only worth it if you can have a mix of avatars and normal characters. I mean bands fronted by creepy little people, think about it.

Posted by Food

You can see the bottoms of their feet in this video!  Guess I don't need to buy natal anymore.

Posted by Three0neFive
@Bubahula: Yeah, but I believe it was in Microsoft's rules that Avatars aren't allowed to talk. :/
Posted by Krenor

oh hell yeah

Posted by caseylakes

that loooks reallly good actually.

Posted by subrandom
Posted by Tuggah

what is the song? I haven't heard it in years and the name escapes me.

Posted by bekern

eh this looks creepy. especially with the way xbox avatars always seem to have that blank expression on their faces.

and lol the singer looks like he is trying to go down o the mic with his mouth always open like that

Posted by DarkPredatorUK
@Tuggah said:
" what is the song? I haven't heard it in years and the name escapes me. "
erm.....its right there on the video?   Song 2 by Blur
Posted by guiseppe
@Tuggah said:
" what is the song? I haven't heard it in years and the name escapes me. "
Blur - Song2. 

Nice feature, I'd get guitar hero anyway but it's nice to see that avatars are  being incorporated in such a big way.
Posted by OllyOxenFree
Dude was kidding lol...I hope...
Posted by stokerd

I will most likely get the game, since I like the series. But will have to see how this plays with the Avatars. Would be funny to see the Giant Bomb gang up there performing. Would be even better if they were up there playing some Midnight Brown. 

Posted by lacke
@Tuggah: You're kidding right? Because the name of the song is in the beginning of this trailer.
Posted by slinky6


Posted by YetiAntics

Well, i think thats cool, i think.

It will save me the cringing of looking at the guitar hero character models.

Posted by HydraHam

That is actually pretty cool but i don't buy any of the GH/RB games because im not spending all that money on tiny fisher price instruments

however i heard Pearl Jam is getting a rock band.. that might turn me around

Posted by Light_Bahamut

If Sony actually gave a shit about making Home a compelling platform, they would work for similar integration. A Home avatar in a game might be pretty cool, actually. 

Posted by NinjaHeartless

aw you guys didn't get your own band

Posted by LordKorax

How much do you wanna bet that you'll have to pay 200 Spacebucks to download a license that enables the feature?

Posted by Ouroboros

To be absolutely honest, probably the coolest thing Activision / Neversoft has done so far for the Guitar Hero franchise - unfortunently not worth the purchase for this, I hope Rock Band can adapt/steal this into their platform soon

Posted by Zaapp1

He sings like Ashlee Simpson...

Posted by Chewii101

Awesome feature, 360 needs more avatar intergration in their games. But...........rather get Beatles RB than this still.

Posted by AvD

Ain't nothing wrong with this.

Posted by WreckinRodRumbler

Wow, what a cheap gimmick.

I'll wait for my Beatles Rock Band.

Edited by RichLee

be honest, that looked kind of amazing.  

and i don't need this feature in beatles RB.  although i fancy myself a great guy, i think i'd rather keep john lennon on the screen.
Posted by mrcraggle

I don't think the avatars really work for this kind of thing. The singers face was either :D :0 or :o and didn't really move to the words and the animations looked pretty weird to me

Posted by DukeTogo

A nice idea, not really a game changer, and frankly something that was supposed to be part of the NXE anyway.  The only thing that's weak is the fact that GH5 already has a much more robust character creator with far more options with clothing and the like.  Using your avatar is limiting the choice of looks by a large amount.  Maybe if the game had avatar versions of the clothing, but the video shows standard stuff.

As for the Home avatar argument, it's not the same, since all 360 owners have an avatar (even if it's the default one).  Where Home is still an optional download that isn't really tied to the PS3 in terms of the interface.  Maybe if Home was made into some sort of virtual interface that replaced the XMB as the standard interface, and your avatar was a constant entity you interacted with, but that would be a huge mistake unless Home was made far more streamlined and faster.

Part of me also thinks this is somehow an attempt at copying the Lego Rock Band thing.  While not Lego, it is a way of making GH5 appear comical with cartoony characters similar to Lego.  It also gives the game a friendlier look, where all the former games were still very focused on the "Devil's music" looks with typical imagery, this makes it look almost like a kid's game.  Something I'm sure Activision will sell as a bullet point.  I wouldn't be surprised at all if the Wii version has a similar feature with Miis.

Posted by IAmWanderlust
@DarkPredatorUK said:
" @Tuggah said:
" what is the song? I haven't heard it in years and the name escapes me. "
erm.....its right there on the video?   Song 2 by Blur "
Sounds more like Hashpipe by Weezer.
Posted by CoolDrMoney
@Zaapp1 said:
" He sings like Ashlee Simpson... "
I actually laughed out loud
Posted by Dethfish

Who the hell is gonna use this? Ah, who am I kidding. Everyone is probably going to use this at some point. I wish this avatar stuff would just die though. It's unnecessary.

Posted by Baggykins

Not like this....

Posted by Sorax

I may be a sucker but I thought that looked awesome. Can't wait to see the YouTubes that come out of this feature.

Posted by JJOR64

I think this is a really neat idea.  Would rather have my Avatar rock out then stand there and do nothing, like in Uno.

Posted by PJ

Maby I'll have to get this game since it has Blur - Song 2 thats just probebly my favorite song ever.

Its pretty weird since the first time I heard it was on radio on my way to buy Fifa 98 and then as it turns out the song was in the game. It all comes back to games :)

Also is Tuggah an idiot?

Posted by Leadcat

So you can make your Guitar Hero dude look like your avatar.

But you'll soon be able to make your avatar look like other game characters.

So with this game I'll be able make Delta Squad in to a band? SOLD!

Posted by squidgyboy

Haha! looks well funny . it'll be cool if use of the avatars will be used in guitar hero and more. Hopes up!!!

Posted by galfisk

I want to see my avatar in other games. Like Splinter Cell: Conviction or MW2. HELL YES!

Posted by JohnDudebro

...This is ridiculous, but TOTALLY AWESOME.

Posted by CrazySunshine

Well... They do look better than normal GH character models. So that's a plus

Posted by ZombieHunterOG

i got half way through before i turned it off,

its just soooo creepy 
Posted by supermike6

You guys are going to need to put a video up with your avatars playing.

Posted by Gamer_152

I suppose it's a nice feature for those who want it but I'm not one of those people. I'd much rather have a more realistic-looking character in my game.

Posted by clubsandwich

the singer looks like he would give a blowjob to the mic instead of singing. :|


Sorry, looks pretty stupid

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