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Posted by donhonk

Hah, nice description.

Posted by sociald1077

Cant wait for this!

Edited by Littlejehova

I think metallica's ok, and I'm sure they have a huge fanbase, but I see them becoming less and less relevant, so I don't think a full release is appropriate now. But then again rockband and guitar hero might be the only avenue for the attempted revival (or reawakening of interest) of once great (I use the term sparingly) bands. And I think this has already been proven by bands such as AC/DC, Aerosmith and now Metallica . And it saddens me to think that the beatles could also soon be placed among their company. Hopefully The Beatles: Rockband is done with a fare amount of taste.

Posted by Breadfan

I feel compelled to actually buy a Guitar Hero game now

Posted by dannyodwyer

Why is there an American flag behind Thin Lizzy?
Ireland FTW! :D

Posted by Wright

the singing animations look pretty gimpy lol.

Posted by Mourne

Am I the only one who thinks the other artists shouldn't take up 50% of the trailer? Well, they are taking up nearly that amount of the game (stupid decision, to be honest), but, c'mon.

What the trailer should have been: use the opening to One with the 'fancy' on-screen effects, reveal the band; cut into Enter Sandman; then Ride the Lightning; then show a quick medley of some of the bigger 'secondary' acts; then end with a longer section for Master of Puppets.

I like Metallica, but if I'm going to buy a game called "Guitar Hero: Metallica," that's precisely what I want. I don't want "Guitar Hero: Metallica & Friends."

Posted by Jeffsekai

metalica is always boring and way to long in rock band games

Posted by Jayzilla

just because it's metal, it doesn't mean it's good. or so ive been told.

Posted by Roboto

The GH original characters look so out of place when compared to the Metallica duders.

Posted by Doogie2K

@Mourne: It makes sense to include bands that have influenced Metallica in some way.  Variety is the spice of life.

Also, "Hell Bent for Leather"?  Seriously?

Posted by Trnck

that guy spit on the camera

Edited by Sin4profit

boy...that James Hatfield has really let himself go...poor ugly bastard.

LOL ... "Metallica & friends". a far superior title. I will call this game "Metallica & Friends' Happy Fun-time Game for TV Playing"

Edited by CashBailey

Shame they couldn't mo-cap Lars 20 years ago, when he actually made an effort playing drums.

But this game gets point for including the mighty Thin Lizzy, one of the greatest bands EVER.

Posted by AngeTheDude


Posted by Axersia

Metallica is weaksauce.

Posted by FoxMulder

Metallica sucks!

Posted by CoinMatze

No Cliff Burton? Meh.

Posted by FlappyHands

Yeah I'm pretty anti-Metallica on many levels, so I'll keep my trap shut on this one, suffice to say that I shall not be picking it up. Also, I think I'm done with Guitar Hero and other peripheral music games in general now too, really lost all interest in them.

Posted by vaiz

I love all the internet pop culture references you guys make, kind of sets this site apart from more stuffy 'overprofessional' sites.

Posted by Hannibal

I feel like GH is just on a path of graphics that won't take it above Rock Band's no matter how "next gen" they get. Rock Band it seems has focused on good movements and it has paid off.

Also, brand delusion etc.

Posted by sheira

looks tawtaly awsome

Edited by Cuddy

i like how the veins and muscles on his neck keep buldging when he sings :)

and how james look like a monkey in some wierd way.
nice touches :P

other then that... i respect both Guitar hero and Rock band from a distance...  for me they are fun for 5 mins...
Posted by uskomaton

Mild Suggestive Themes

Um, suggestive of what?
Anyway, I've never bothered with Rock Band or Guitar Hero, so this gets a pass from me as well.
I blame the fact that I actually knew how to play guitar a bit back in the day.

Posted by Quadrifoglio

This looks amazing. Picking this up for sure.

Posted by momentarylogic

My interest is about as big as a Guitar Hero: NKOTB.

Edited by DiGiTaL_SiN
Guitar Hero
Rock Band
I still like Rock Band more though!
Posted by Psykhophear

WHOA! James Hetfield looks badass. The bassist Robert Trujillo looks pretty funny but at least he gets to be in the game if it weren't for the ex-bassist's departure. Bet Jason Newsted regretted it. METALLICA FTW!!!

Posted by damswedon

i like megadeath more but this looks like it could be a good rent.

Posted by F1

The game is looking awesome. It's been a while since I played any rhythm game, so I can't wait. Metallica, Judas Priest, and the almighty Mastodon!

Posted by RHCPfan24

That looks awesome. Still, I am not digging the Guitar Hero style of the characters. They look all plastic, but I believe that is intentional.

Posted by Afroman269

Hmm only game of Guitar Queer-o that I might care about. Man I really hate the new GH style, they look like plastic action figures.

Posted by MeatSim

Do we really need a new Guitar Hero game every 6 months?

Posted by ArbitraryWater

Guitar Hero has become almost as whored out as Final Fantasy. This attitude will only lead to the cheapening of the genre as a whole, until people become uninterested and move on to the next fad.

Posted by thomasvdh

I'm not the biggest Metallica fan, but I might get this, as so far it is the only all-metal guitar hero/rock band.

Posted by Cloneslayer

I love Metallica but I don't want to play the songs I listen to a lot. I like more of a variety and to expose myself to music I normally don't listen to.

Posted by zityz

Looks good, the fact that Thin Lizzy is in there and Judas priest is awesome, but even still I'll probably be picking up The Beatles: Rock Band, over this. I like Metallica, but I hated playing the songs on guitar hero, my eyes would just get sore after playing a song.
Looks good none the less.

Posted by damnboyadvance

I'll just download Metallica on DLC. I like Metallica, but not enough to switch from Rock Band to Guitar Hero.

Posted by Nasar7

I've been hoping to play some Thin Lizzy ever since rock band first came out, but I cant bring myself to buy any more RB/GH games...oh well maybe a rental.

Posted by Jotun

This trailer needs more Mastodon.

Posted by S53

Don't know why the featured Enter Sandman in this trailer. It's not like the song hasn't been in both Rock Band and Guitar Hero....

Posted by Woffls

Animation looks brilliant, they really spent a lot of time on motion capture.

I can't wait to play this game. Metallica are as awesome as people say they are, I am capable of liking Guitar Hero despite the internet thinking it's uncool, and World Tour was far too easy. Bring on the metalz.

Posted by Crypto136

cant wait for this

Posted by Libb
This trailer needs more Kyuss.

Fixed that for you. Kyuss - Demon Cleaner = pretty much the only reason I'll play this game.
Posted by birdbrain

Metallica haven't been that good for 18 years so this seems a little late. 

Anyway there are better thrash metal bands out there.
Posted by birdbrain

every time i saw hetfield up close in that trailer i smiled. He looks so funny in this

Posted by Th3_James

guitar hero: washed up and whore'd out

Posted by Kohe321

This looks pretty cool!

Posted by dsplayer1010

Wow. That is possibly the most unexciting trailer that I've ever seen

Edited by Doomshine

I wish they would've shown King Diamond :/

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