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edit: woo got it. Also looking forward to this.

Posted by Maystack

Splaser's back. Awesome!

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e: dammit wanted to steal first from the first guy :( (and i already have it tee hee)

Posted by Mystyr_E

Something about this music is strangely obnoxious

Posted by Crunchman

Oh, boy. I hope it has Halos too.

Posted by Crunchman

No, it has Halos fore. Forerunners.

Posted by ClairvoyantVibrations

Railgun? SOLD

Posted by Humanity

Well it looks like Halo.

Posted by Donos

What the flying fuck is going on with the music? Halo has always had a strong set of themes, and now they've trashed all of it for this generic fake dubstep?

Posted by jonnyboy

Bang Bang, my baby shot me down...

Posted by Aetheldod

Ughhhh please can we kill the dubstep on trailers thing already . ... also Halo has nice music why not use that instead?

Posted by Waffley

Amazing how few people follow a game like this. Trailer was posted a week ago (even a version without the terrible WUBWUB) and it's been talked about all week, yet most people apparently haven't seen it.

Posted by defcom

I was over Halo when Reach came around but all the changes that are pissing off the core fans has me interested again.

Posted by SoulAssassin808

Why the fuck do all the trailers have to have this fucking machine raping wubwub crap over it.

Posted by Igottadeuce

4inish the Drop.

Posted by Animasta

aw man I hate weapons :(

Posted by xite

I thought this was an Alex post from the title.

Posted by Krataur

@xite: Same. I think it's the first time I've ever been wrong about it, too.

Posted by saddlebrown

@Krataur: Is your name Kratos + dinosaur? Because that brings a hilarious picture to mind.

Posted by TheVeteran13

Kids love the Skill Rex

Posted by big_jon

The version without shitty Dubstep is better.

Posted by mbr2

"Here's a gun that paints a straight line aaaand here's another one and another an- oh! Here's one that paints MULTIPLE straight lines, see? They're different."

Posted by jorbear

Everyone knows Spartans love dubstep.

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@xite said:

I thought this was an Alex post from the title.

If this were Alex then the sub headline would have been: "Who would have guessed that" instead of "here are some". The latter headline is at least two standard deviations away from former in vacuousness.

Posted by Rukus

@Donos: @Aetheldod: Probably because Martin O'Donnell isn't composing the music for this "Halo Trilogy." A shame, because the music he wrote was consistently amazing and probably the most enjoyable thing about the Halo games next to the story/universe.

Posted by GinjaAssassin

The dubstep means it's relevant.

Posted by championfetus

I mean I'll play more SWAT.

Posted by Hockeymask27

The kids like dubstep right... righ. I still prefer the halo theme.

Posted by MeatSim

Finally Halo is legit now that it has Dubstep.

Posted by EvilNiGHTS

More like Halo 4 has dubstep.

It's been getting easy to give Halo 4 flack over the last few years, but it looks like 343 are going out of their way to try and bring something new to the table in this instalment. Hope it works out.

Posted by DanK_

Son of a bitch, I couldn't watch this.

Dubstep is ruining videogame trailers for me. Get this shit outta here.

Posted by Stimpack

@Mystyr_E: *feels you're probably just overreacting*

*watches the video*

*vomits all over the place*

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"JUST ADD WUB WUB" *rips open package*

Posted by triviaman09

Halo 4 has weapons? I'm out.

Posted by Krataur

@whatisdelicious: Close. Kratos and minotaur. Clearly I had just been playing GoW when I thought it up.

Posted by Hashbrowns

Try this one on for size.

Posted by Jdiggity88

@DanK_ said:

Son of a bitch, I couldn't watch this.

Dubstep is ruining videogame trailers for me. Get this shit outta here.

It's a god damn infection on the human race.

Posted by Redsox44

This looks so good, hopefully it delivers more than Reach did for me.

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It has all the Halos and all the weapons. And all the stepdubs.

Posted by Zephan

Looks really good. I liked reach's multiplayer and this looks like more of the same!

Posted by Klei

I secretly hope for iron sights since Halo 3.

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The music. It displeases me.

@Mystyr_E said:

Something about this music is strangely obnoxious

No, not strangely. It just is. I don't think it fit at all. I couldn't even concentrate on the guns being shown.

Posted by cmblasko

That music doesn't fit Halo at all. Kind of jarring. The weapons seem pretty cool aesthetically though they can't really be judged from a gameplay perspective until the game is available obviously.

Posted by KaneRobot

The fact that they used this music for the trailer makes me not want to buy it. Just like having "Moves Like Jagger" in Rock Band Blitz makes me not want to buy that.

But I will buy both.

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no bow = no purchase. #yearofthebow

Posted by TadThuggish

Well, fuck you, too.

Posted by august

Dubstep was reverse engineered from Forerunner tech.

Not a lot of people know that.

Posted by martellus

aaahhhh aaaahhhh aaaaahhhhhWUB WUB WUB WUB WUB. Marty O'Donnell is spinning in his non-grave