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" Spartans wouldn't give a shit about their parents as they were abducted at a very young age and didn't get the actual medical procedures for like ten years. That was such crap. "
 This is kind of a Spoiler if you care about the story of Ghosts of Onyx. 

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He reminds me of fps_doug lmao, 
it makes me cringe when the drill goes into his head *puke*
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All these live action Halo trailers remind me of Navy commercials trying to get kids to join their armed forces.  They don't evoke the source material at all.

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hmmh? in the books the proses for becoming a Spartan killed some and mutated outers 
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wow thats kinda creepy

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It really saddens me that they continue to make these awesome shorts/trailers and the Halo movie is still in development limbo.

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I loved this trailer.